Emmy The Great @ Trafalgar Square 10th February 2013

This was the first time I had attended the Chinese New Year celebrations. The main reason for me attending was the fact Emmy The Great was performing live. Her stage time was 1.15pm so I made an effort to get there by 12pm. Taking place at Trafalgar Square this was a massive event consisting of many different acts. Once I had reached there I was tempted just to turn back because it was literally packed and there was no way I would be able to see anything. So I then made my way round to see if I could find any opening which would lead to a view of the stage, but alas nothing. By this time I was slightly disappointed as I had really wanted to see the performance. I guess the Chinese New Year Day celebrations is exactly like the New Year celebration and to get a good view you need to turn up early.

After having circled the Square I managed to weave my way to the front. Well it was at the front but three rows back. They had sectioned off an area at the front for Photographers and I guess VIPs. By the time the music was about to start I was at the front barrier slightly to the left. The barrier was a distance from the stage and what irked me was the fact that they decided to remove them and bring everyone forward once Emmy had started her set. What she opened up with was Virtue track Dinosaur Sex. This was a slow steady paced tune which was faultlessly delivered. It had been superbly written and it contained many memorable lines such as “Dinosaur Sex led to nothing”. Up next was something startling. As Emmy comes from Hong Kong she announced via Twitter and Facebook that she would be singing 2 Chinese songs. The first being Dreams. Being sung in a different language it was always going to be a mission to find the correct title. But someone then told me that it was a Chinese translation of Dreams which was originally sung by The Cranberries. I found this tune to be rather synthy and with all foreign songs it was rather hypnotic. “We’re called Emmy The Great. Happy Year Of The Snake” Emmy then said whilst tuning up. It was then onto another tune from Virtue and this being the pacey Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture). The lyrics were quite something and infectious at the same time. “This is a new song for us cos it’s a new year” Emmy then mentioned before getting stuck into Social Halo. This was literally sublime and there were synths as well. Social Halo was a beautiful song which was sung at a steady pace. The lyrics were catchy and just hearing this for the first time makes me anticipate the 3rd album when it is written and recorded. “This next song is the hardest thing that we have ever done” Emmy then said before dedicating the next song to any Madarin speakers. It was then onto Because Of Love which was a cover of Faye Wong. There is something about foreign music that makes my spine tingle. Even though I had no idea what Emmy was singing about she got through it without a hitch. Even though most of this song was in Madarin a part of it was in English. Because Of Love was a beautiful song and it was spectacularly delivered. The rest of the band were then introduced before they all signed with the final song of the afternoon and this was the title track of the debut album. I especially liked the lyrics of this tune Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And the sky was so much bluer”. First Love was a beautiful song which sounded sublime.


Dinosaur Sex
Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture)
Social Halo
Because Of Love
First Love

OVERALL: The set performed may have been kept short and sweet but it was enough to fully satisfy me. I cannot wait till Emmy The Great announce another tour because I will so be there. One word for the foreign songs she performed AMAZING.


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