Amateur Best @ Rough Trade East 8th February 2013

When I glanced at the list of instores taking place at Rough Trade East one immediately stood out. This being Amateur Best whom I knew nothing about. All that I did know was that the band was fronted by Joe Flory who was once a member of Primary 1. Now I loved that band the moment I first saw them supporting Ellie Goulding back in 2010 and it was sad that they split up. This event wasn’t wrist banded compared to the other performances you have at Rough Trade and it also started at the slightly earlier time of 6.30pm.

Amateur Best were playing to promote their new record No Thrills. “Shall I do a little announcement thing?” Flory said when he and the rest of the band took to the stage 10 minutes later. There was a fanfare of Joe’s trumpet and the first song to be played was The Wave. This was a slice of synth pop which was phenomenal. The vocals were soft and hypnotic. The Wave was actually the B side to Be Happy and that single was accompanied by a comic book that told the story of James Best, a sometime London DJ, latent alcoholic and lifelong amateur. It was then onto the most recent single by the band and this being Too Much. This was electronic pop and it was sung at a steady pace. I actually found the lyrics to be really infectious and the melody was brilliant. Following on was probably my favourite Amateur Best song and this was Pleased. The vocals were smooth and the harmonising was sublime. “This next song is about one of those really sh*t days. Come home, Cat’s left you, Forgot to feed your girlfriend” Flory then said to the intimate audience before Get Down. During this song Joe again showed off his trumpet playing skills. I really enjoyed the lyrics you could easily picture what it is telling you in your head. Once Joe introduced his friends who had joined him especially for this it was then onto the final song of the evening and this being Ready For The Good Life. The vocal was beautiful and it was backed with Lucy playing the keyboard. Ready For The Good Life was a slow paced song which was superbly delivered.


The Wave
Too Much
Get Down
Ready For The Good Life

OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed this evening witnessing music I hadn’t even listened to before. What made me want to attend was the fact Joe Flory fronted Amateur Best and I rather liked the synth pop of Primary 1. This instore was the first time I had heard anything by Amateur Best. I should of done some research before attending but I knew I would like the material that he played. My first opinion on this band was a positive one and I definitely would like to hear more in the future and the album No Thrills is a complete cracker.


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