Veronica Falls @ Rough Trade East 6th February 2013

Veronica Falls piece consist of Patrick Doyle, Roxanne Clifford, James Hoare and Marion Herbain.This four piece consist of Patrick Doyle, Roxanne Clifford, James Hoare and Marion Herbain. To coincide with the release of sophomore album Waiting For Something To Happen the band were announced for an instore at Rough Trade East. I have seen them quite a few times over the past 3 years and I could tell that this was going to be a hot event. I could of waited to get a wristband at 6pm on the day but I was taking no chances which resulted me in ordering a copy of the album on vinyl. As expected there were no wristbands come 6pm, so people wanting to attend were turned away if they didn’t have one. I arrived outside Rough Trade around 5.50pm and I was surprised with the lack of queue. Only one person was standing outside so I joined him until the doors eventually opened.

By the time the band took to the stage it was near enough 7.15. “Hello everybody. Nice to see you. We’re Veronica Falls” drummer Patrick Doyle said before they all kicked started with My Heat Beats. This tune was recorded on a freezing boat in the River Thames and it sounded incredible live. The vocal performance was superb and there was some impressive guitar playing. My Heart Beats was a warm slice of Indie Pop and I first heard this played back in 2011 at the gig at the Barfly. Veronica Falls just breezed through this song at ease. “Thanks for coming out this evening” James then said before the next newie of the night and this being Tell Me. Roxanne Clifford’s vocals were sweet whilst the harmonising was spot on. It was then onto something from the bands début album and this being Bad Feeling which was also released as a single. It was superbly delivered by both Hoare and Clifford. Bad Feeling was well received by the audience. After it was then onto another 2 songs off of the new record. The first being Broken Toy and this tune was extremely promising. It has to be one of my favourites that feature on the new album. The lyrics were sublime and it felt as this storming Pop number could of featured on the début album. Broken Toy was actually rather infectious. “You’re a broken toy, it’s true. But I am broken too, broken just for you”. It was then onto the title track from the new LP and this being Waiting For Something To Happen. This had delectable infectious lyrics which were delivered beautifully. My favourite part has to be “Everybody’s crazy, What’s you excuse baby?, Standing in the middle waiting for something to happen, Are you waiting for something to happen”. The bands 2nd single Beachy Head (which is in fact an notorious suicide spot) was the next song on the night. The band powered through this song plus it was delivered at an fast pace. It was then onto a double dose of new songs and up first it was If You Still Want Me which was faultlessly delivered. This song then was followed on with Buried Alive. This track was bright and was excellently delivered. The lyrics were rather catchy despite being macabre ones “Bury me alive, bury me alive, I don’t care if people cry”. The penultimate song of the evening was Come On Over which was rather strong. Veronica Falls then signed off with Teenage which was an ode to young love and growing up.


My Heat Beats
Tell Me
Bad Feeling
Broken Toy
Waiting For Something To Happen
Beachy Head
If You Still Want Me
Buried Alive
Come On Over

OVERALL: Veronica Falls are an extraordinary band who I have been a fan of for about 3 years. The new album Waiting For Something To Happen is fantastic and just seeing them perform 10 songs (7 from that LP) was a real treat especially that they were to play a headline show at St Leonard’s Church that week.

My favourite songs that were performed were Waiting For Something To Happen and Broken Toy.


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