Truly Ford @ The Luxe 3rd February 2013

Once The History Of Apple Pie had finished up in Kingston it was then straight on the train to get to The Luxe which is located on Commercial Road. The plan was to get to Aldgate East then walk to the venue. When I had discovered there was no way to get to that tube station (due to engineering works) I was then place in a dilemma. Should I go or should I just leavee it. As it was a Sunday the last trains home are slightly earlier compared to a weekday and I didn’t want to be stuck especially if Truly was playing at 10.30pm. In the end I chose to go ahead with it and go to Liverpool Street and walk to the venue from there.

The artist who I was going to see was the talented Truly Ford an 18 year old dynamo who has some cracking songs under her sleeve. Ford was recommended to me by her label Baby Girl Music (who also house the incredible Hatty Keane) and what a recommendation it was. The Luxe was basically a massive bar, so once I was in I grabbed a seat and then waited patiently for the artist I came to see took to the floor.

What kicked off the set was a cover version and this being Rambling Man by Folk songstress Laura Marling. The original version by Marling featured on the album I Speak Because I Can. Truly’s take on it was literally extraordinary. She definitely put her her own stamp on it and the vocals were literally belted out. It was then onto an original which will feature on the SuperNova EP which will be released in the next few months and the song in question being Black Dog. This number was wonderful and like all the songs that featured on the night it oozed folkness. I could see traces of Amy Macdonald when she was vocally giving this tune her all. The lyrics to this were superb and it shows how talented Ford is when it comes to songwriting. Truly then went onto cover another well known song Girl With One Eye which featured on the début album by Florence and the Machine. She made this song her own and that is a hard feat to pull off when covering a song by an artist who is massive. The vocals were extremely powerful and you knew that Ford was giving it her all. Hearing this left me speechless as she pulled it off by delivering something which was utterly sublime. Things were slowed down for Fallen. Yet again this was another original song to be showcased and I simply loved this tune. What I adored the most was the steady pace to it and the smooth vocals geled to it perfectly. Towards the end Fallen is delivered with plenty of gusto. Once over it was then onto a Cold War Kids cover (or Florence and the Machine who also covered it) and this being Hospital Beds. I must admit Truly’s take was incredible she put her own mark on it. I would say this version is better than the original. The remaining two songs of the evening were both originals. First up it was Help Me If I Fall which was a beautiful song with lovely lyrics. Things then came to a close with Tiger’s Eyes which again was a lovely tune which had been superbly written. The vocals were faultlessly delivered and the melody instantly reminded me of Laura Marling.


Rambling Man
Black Dog
Girl With One Eye
Hospital Beds
Help Me If I Fall
Tiger’s Eyes

OVERALL: Truly Ford is a phenomenal artist one that can go really far in the music industry. At the moment she is touring round London but I can easily see her playing at bigger venues such as The Enterprise, Bush Hall, The Bedford, The Borderline and many more.

This evening was extraordinary and I most definitely would like to see her perform again in the nearby future. With the evening at The Luxe being free and in a big bar it was a great shame that there was plenty of chatter as her vocals were exquisit.


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