The History Of Apple Pie @ Banquet Records 3rd February 2013

After having witnessed The History Of Apple Pie perform at Rough Trade East it left me wanting to come back for more. This then led to me going all the way to Kingston for the 4pm performance. I arrived a couple of hours before just to make sure that I would be at the front once inside. This event was listed as a Grade C which basically meant tickets weren’t necessary. The queue basically stretched round the corner and I reckon some people who worked there were surprised it was so popular for a Sunday 4pm instore. I was mainly in attendance because I love the band and début album Out Of View is a true masterpiece. The band arrived late and the actual performance started around 4.30pm. When they were setting up I knew it wasn’t going to be an acoustic session which I had though. Instead it was the whole shebang. Basically when everything was set up about a 1/3 of the shop space was taken up by the equipment.

“This is like a guerilla gig” lead singer Stephanie Min said to the audience before they all launched into New Song. This number was extremely promising and was delivered perfectly by Min. Her vocals were soft and gentle whilst the melody of this was like a full on force. The lyrics were fantastic and I look forward to hearing the mastered version. It was then straight into material from Out Of View. Mallory was next. This was the bands 2nd single and it was the bands show piece. Mallory was faultlessly sung and as well as being rather infectious it was also really dreamy. See You which is the latest cut from Out Of View has to e the highlight on this album. I found it to be both entrancing and the lyrics were breezy as well. See You was a tune with catchy hooks and infectious lyrics. “Thanks for coming down” Min then said before they all got stuck into the penultimate number of the evening. Long Way To Go followed straight on. This song sounded excellent for starters it was less heavy and secondly the vocal performance/ harmonies were outstanding. Glitch ended what had been an incredible 5 song set. I simply love this tune, there were some impressive guitar riffs and the lyrics were dreamy. I must say the harmonising was spot on as well.


New Song
See You
Long Way To Go

OVERALL: The History Of Apple Pie are an incredible band and début album Out Of View is a right cracker. Each track from that album is simply amazing and just hearing them being performed live is quite something. They may of sang the whole album at Rough Trade East (bar You’re So Cool) but this 5 song set at Banquet was a lot better. Even though there wasn’t a massive difference what I enjoyed the most was the fact it was so intimate and it was nice to have been a part of it.

The tunes were brilliant live and New Song is a track which I cannot wait to hear the studio version of. Thinking about it with the fact they like My Bloody Valentine I am guessing that song actually has a name when it appears on the next album (at Electric, Brixton My Bloody Valentine opened up with Rough Song which doesn’t feature on the album under that title).

I also must credit Kelly’s startling harmonising skills.


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