Erin K @ The Bedford 29th January 2013

Playing at The Bedford was the amazing Erin Kleh. I last saw Erin perform at The World’s End last August which was a first as it was only just Erin and Jose (Tash left the band which resulted in the name changing to Erin K). Despite losing one member the line up still remained the same with Erin, Paul and Leresse being the remaining original members. Also you have Jose Albela (lead guitar + ukulele) and Simon Lewis (cello) who have been members for about a year.

They all took to the stage around 9.50pm and opened up with the wonderful Coins. Coins was a pacey gentle mellowing tune which I found to be rather hypnotic. Just hearing it performed live sent tingles up my spine. The melody is complete perfection and the vocals/ harmonising were both faultless. This number serve as the bands début single. I Have A Knack was next. This was a light folk song and was extremely smooth. Kleh’s vocals during this fast paced tune were stunning they were both gentle and soothing. “This is about my f**k buddy” Erin the said to the audience before they all launched into the bands signature tune Jiggy Miggy (I say signature because it is the one you will never forget). Even though this song is about Kleh’s f**k buddy it does not contain any swearing at all. It is all down to the mind and from its lyrics you can picture the story to it very clearly. This number was flawlessly delivered and the harmonising was spot on. “I wrote this about just a sh*t day. None of it really makes sense. I’m from Texas and I wanted it to be like the Texas theme song which also doesn’t make any sense” Kleh then said before introducing the next song as Assholio. This was played at a fast pace and the harmonies that Lereese provided were amazing. For some reason whenever I hear this song Mexico comes into my head even though the lyrics mention Texas. Next it was Keep Her and it sounded amazing. This song was rather pacey and the lyrics were brilliant. I found this tune to be infectious and has potential to be a single. After everyone erupted into applause it was then onto a brand new song called Still In Love. This was the first time I had heard it and I was literally captivated. Sill In Love was gentle and Erin’s vocals were both beautiful and soothing. Kleh then introduced the band before launching into I Fell For Your Face. Jose was on ukulele for this one. This was yet another jolly song which had fantastic lyrics. It was then onto a little bit of audience participation. Erin urged everyone to clap in unison which then led into Radiator Lady. I enjoyed this upbeat number. At first it started as an a capella then the acoustic guitar came in which progressed into a stunning song. “Thank you for being such an incredible audience” Kleh said before they rounded off the set with Hard Landing.


I’ve Have The Knack
Jiggy Miggy
Keep Her
Still In Love
I Fell For Your Face
Radiator Lady
Hard Landing

OVERALL: The set performed by Erin K was simply fantastic. I enjoyed every single second. It is hard to believe that they haven’t had anything officially released (i.e iTunes) I cannot believe I have been a fan for almost 5 years and I am ever so pleased that they are going strong. Each song that was performed was a belting folk tune which sounded superb. I especially liked the new one Still In Love.


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