Tich @ Queen Of Hoxton 22nd January 2013

This Must Be Pop came to the Queen Of Hoxton. On this bill were Tich, Bebe Black and Rixton all whom I love. Bebe Black I had witnessed a couple times before over the last two years whilst I have been a fan of Tich’s for about 4 years when she just performed as Rachel Furner. As for Rixton I witnessed them at The Silver Bullet when they were know as Relics and I was rather impressed with the material they had. So I arrived at the Queen Of Hoxton about a couple of hours before doors. As it was freezing cold as it had been snowing I decided just to wait inside. When the doors eventually opened I went in and waited patiently for the first act to take to the stage.

Opening up the evening were 4 piece Pop/RnB band Rixton. These 4 talented guys consist of Jake (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Charley (Lead Guitar/vocals), Danny (Bass/Vocals) and Lewi (Drums). What was showcased was all original material which is simply incredible. Rixton are currently signed to Roar and are looking for a record label so they can release their own original music. Things kicked off around 8.20pm. “How is everyone? Hello, you alright. How’s everyone at the back? We’re Rixton we’re playing a few songs for you” lead singer Jake said to the intimate gathering. Opening the set up was Polaroid. This sleek song was delivered at a steady pace. The lyrics were perfect and they were superbly delivered. “Thank you very much. Good night” Jake jokingly said after Polaroid was over. “This next song we’re going to play is absolutely brand spanking new. This is probably the 2nd time we’ve done it live. Actually in front of people. If you’re in love tonight put your arm round the person you love, if not put you’re arm round them anyway, bit creepy” Jake then went onto say before introducing the next song as Crash Landing. Now I really liked this new track it was extremely smooth and infectious at the same time. I really liked its middle 8. “So this next song. If anyone fancies a boogie or dance, don’t cos it’s really awkward. No, yeah seriously everyone have a dance if you fancy it” Jake then mentioned to the audience before they launched into the edgy Fixation. No pun intended but I literally have become fixated on this tune. It sounded excellent when witnessing it live. The lyrics were sublime and they were sung faultlessly. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this track. Once over it was then onto a medley. “I don’t know if you know but we like every other single act out there. We did a YouTube stuff . We put it online and just recently we’ve hit ½ million which is cool” Jake then told the audience. The 3 songs picked were tracks that were covered on the site. They consisted of How We Do (Party) which was a hit for Rita Ora, Ne Yo’s Let Me Love You and finally Don’t Wake Me Up which was originally by Chris Brown. With it being a medley the three songs were incredibly short and were infused together perfectly. They made each their own. I was impressed with the take on How We Do (Party), Let Me Love You was rather powerful whilst there was some audience participation for the gentle Don’t Wake Me Up. Jake then told us the story of how Jake and Danny were in a hotel and Danny had one to many J2O’s and called his ex girlfriend. Jake then jotted stuff down because it was a great concept for a song. The result being Speaker Phone which is straight to the point and it has delectable verses and a wonderful chorus. Even though I enjoyed the whole set I would have to say Speaker Phone had to be my favourite Rixton song. “Just before we go and have a drink and mingle. We’re going to play 1 more song” Jake said before closing with Superman. Now this song is one you can have a good boogie too. The lyrics are infectious and they are powerful at the same time. I especially liked its chorus.


Crash Landing
How We Do (Party)/ Let Me Love You/ Don’t Wake Me Up
Speaker Phone

Back in 2011 the incredible Bebe Black signed to Columbia Records after the hype was spread from demo ‘I’ll Wait’. I first witnessed her perform at the Little Noise Sessions which both Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland headlined. There Black was the first artist to open up and even though I knew very little about her then, I was left entranced with how amazing she actually was. Since then I have seen her perform on The Camden Crawl and the Station Sessions last year. Bebe’s début EP Deathwish was released this week and it featured lead track Deathwish as well as Bones and Don’t Leave Me. Black was the 2nd artist to perform on the night and I was excited just to witness her perform again. What was showcased was 2 songs from the EP, a cover and another 3 original songs. Radio which was played at a steady pace and had an upbeat/ infectious chorus. Its lyrics were perfect and clear cut. You could clearly picture what was happening in the song in your head. “My name is Bebe Black” she said introducing herself to the audience. Three Strikes was next on the night which sounded amazing and the lyrics were spot on. This tune was rather upbeat and the vocals were incredibly distinctive. “One more strike and I’m out of here, Strike Two and I disappear, Three Strikes, Three Strikes and I’m Out”. The next tune of the set was I’ll Wait. This was one fantastic track which had up tempo verses and a powerful chorus. I look forward to hearing the full length LP. I’ll Wait was superb and really catchy at the same time. “Are you having a nice time?” Black then said to everyone before launching into a new song and this being a cover of Queens Of The Stone Age’s No One Knows. I must admit Bebe made this her own. There was a steady pace to it then it started to get powerful as soon as the song progressed. “So the next track we’re going to do is Bones and this from my debut EP which is out now at iTunes. £1.99 it is a bargain. You go home and buy it later” Bebe then jokingly told the audience. Bones was an upbeat electro pop tune which had tremdous infectious lyrics. This tune can easily get you moving. “This is our last one” Black said before signing off with the main track and the title of the new EP and this being Deathwish. Bebe’s vocals sent chills down my spine. The way she hit the high notes at ease reminded me of Catherine Pockson from Alpines.


Three Strikes
I’ll Wait
No One Knows

“Hello I’m Tich, I’m going to do a few songs for you. This first song is called Breathe In, Breathe Out. This is about the first time that you realise you like someone”
Furner said before opening up with Breathe In, Breathe Out. Rachel wrote this with Nick Jonas (whom is a 1/3 of The Jones Brothers). This tune was amazing and it was sung superbly. Rachel gave it her all and the vocals were extremely powerful. My favourite parts had to be the pacey verses. I found this to be extremely beautiful and it was delivered with plenty of gusto. “This next song is on my YouTube. It’s a cover of Glad You Came. Please sing along, sway, set things on fire” Furner then jokingly said to the audience before introducing the next track of the set and this being Glad You Came which was originally by The Wanted. This cheerful song was very up tempo and it is one you can have a good dance to. It was just Rachel and her keyboard and I must say her version was simply spectacular. The vocal performance was pure perfection. I really liked the ad lib when she said I’m glad you came to Queen Of Hoxton. Next up was Kingdom. This had been superbly written and it was rather infectious. This performance of the song was extremely powerful and Furner put everything into it. I really liked its strong chorus “This is our kingdom, and we’re gonna rule it all and we will never fall, just watch us standing tall. If there’s a future, then we’re gonna rise above we wont stop till you’re done, we’ll fight till kingdom comes”. Its lyrics are actually straight to the point and you can clearly picture what it is telling you. “This next song is called Dust. This is a song that I wrote because I grew up in Northampton and I didn’t always enjoy it. But this is about leaving all the negativity and all the bad feelings behind and starting a new life in London” Rachel then mentioned to the audience telling everyone the meaning behind Dust. This song tells the story of moving from one town to another one. “I’ve had enough of this town. It’s full of tears, full of clowns” was one of the lyrics from this song. Furner put everything into this tune and sang it faultlessly. “This is about when I was going through everything at school. This is the song that I wrote to my 14 year old self about how you’ll get through it” Rachel said before introducing the next song to be Little By Little. This tune was so powerful lyrically and slightly emotional. She put everything into this song and this had to be my favourite from the Candlelight EP. “This next song you might recognise. Please sing along. This is the début of today. I wanted to do this song also because it is appropriate because of the Olly Murs thing” Furner said before tackling Troublemaker which was a hit by Murs. The reason for this being it was confirmed Rachel would be supporting Olly on his Arena tour. I must say Furner’s take on this infectious tune was quite something. There was the added quirkiness as well plus she even did the Flo Rida rap. The penultimate number on the night was What I Meant To Say. Rachel then told everyone what it was about “It’s about, if anyone knows a really arrogant person this is a song you would sing to their face”. This was an excellent track which had smooth verses and a quirky chorus. “This is a song I wrote after I dumped my boyfriend. The second I did it I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life” Furner said before signing off with the up tempo/ quirky Dumb. The lyrics were straight to the point and you can clearly picture what she is saying in the song.


Breathe In, Breathe Out
Glad You Came
Little By Little
What I Meant To Say

OVERALL: This was a stunning night featuring 3 acts who I most definitely will see again in the future. With the release of Deathwish by Bebe Black I can see 2013 being her year. As for Rachel Furner she can conquer anything. She has the potential to be massive and the support slots are helping her immensely. With the release of the Candlelight EP and the Olly Murs support slots I can see 2013 also being the year of the stripe.

Finally Rixton. I admit the majority of the gigs that I attend have been female based but these 4 guys have got something incredibly special. It wont be long till they are snapped up. The material showcased was sublime and I cannot wait to hear more.

As for my favourite songs from what was performed. They were:

Rixton: Speaker Phone

Bebe Black: I’ll Wait

Tich: Little By Little


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