The History Of Apple Pie @ Rough Trade East 28th January 2013

The History Of Apple Pie are Stephanie Min (vocals), Jerome Watson (guitar), James Thomas (drums), Kelly Lee Owens (bass, backing vocals), Aslam Ghauri (guitar). Despite me first witnessing this band opening at Koko for the NME Radar Tour (which was headlined by Anna Calvi) back in 2011 this was only the 2nd time I had witnessed them performed live. Back then I raved about them and I knew they could hit the big time. Now they have released début album Out Of View which is a complete cracker. This event was to mark the start of the tour for this record. When the dates were announced London was missed out which was surprising. This then left me extremely pleased that they announced that they were playing at London’s leading record shop. Come 7pm the main space started to fill. Even though it wasn’t jam packed a lot of people were there to see them perform live. I then made my way to the front to glance at the set list and what I saw was incredible. 10 songs were listed (that was 9 songs from Out Of View and a brand new one). Playing an album in its entirety at an instore promoting the record is pretty unheard of.

Things opened up with a brand new song appropriately called New Song (I assume that this will get a name by the time it is recorded). This was noise pop that easily blew you away. It actually sounded a lot louder when they were sound checking a few of the tunes that they were going to perform. Still New Song was extremely promising and was delivered perfectly by Stephanie Min. Her vocals were soft and gentle whilst the melody of this was like a full on force. It was then straight into material from Out Of View. The song which proceeded was The Warrior. Again Min took the lead for this tune whist Owens harmonised. This song was sweet sounding and it had an indie rock vibe which worked wonders. Mallory was next. This was the bands 2nd single and it was the bands show piece. Mallory was faultlessly sung and as well as being rather infectious it was also really dreamy. “This is our album launch. We’re The History Of Apple Pie” Min said before introducing Tug. This was the opening track on Out Of View and just hearing performed live was quite something. “This is our new single” Stephanie then said before See You. This has to be the highlight on the album and hearing it live was incredible. I found it to be both entrancing and the lyrics were breezy as well. See You was a tune with catchy hooks and infectious lyrics. “I just want to say thank you to Rough Trade for having us” Kelly said before thanking everyone for attending. It was then onto the first single by the band and this being Do It Wrong. This song was like a powerhouse. The use of 4 electric guitars and drums combined together to create something heavy. Long Way To Go followed straight on. This song sounded excellent for starters it was less heavy compared to what had just been performed and secondly the vocal performance/ harmonies were outstanding. “This is one of my favourite songs off the album” Min then said before they all launched into Glitch. I simply love this tune there were some impressive riffs and the lyrics were dreamy. I must say the harmonising was spot on as well. The penultimate track to be performed was I Want More which was startling and ending this epic 10 song set was Before You Reach The End.


New Song
The Warrior
See You
Do It Wrong
Long Way To Go
I Want More
Before You Reach The End


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