Syron @ Old Blue Last 23rd January 2013

Syron is ‘Daisy Tullulah Syron-Russell’ a 19 year old singer songwriter from South London. Russell was billed to headline the 3rd date of the Hello 2013 series which took place at Old Blue Last. I mainly attended because there has been a buzz about her and she can easily be the next big thing. By the time Syron took to the stage the upstairs at Old Blue Last was literally packed. Before the main set there had been performances by Brolin, San Zhi (who were amazing) and Ellen Davis aka /please/ who travelled all the way from Bristol to perform one of her first ever live shows. Now Davis’s set was extremely short (4 songs to be exact). Even though I enjoyed Ellen’s short set I cant help but feel sorry for her. Now she showcased some amazing songs but the use of the keyboard/ electric guitar drowned out the vocals. Would I see her perform again in the future?? I certainly would.

Syron took to the stage around 10.30pm. “Hi everyone. I’m Syron” Daisy said introducing herself to the packed audience. Now prior to the showcase I had only heard 2 songs and these being Breaking and Waterproof. Things opened up with Here and Syron’s vocals were soulful and there was also a dash of reggae. The pace picked up when the song progressed, it’s lyrics were memorable as well. This warm track had a wonderful chorus “Here, when you call my name I’m on ya, I can make it all alright, Even when I’m nowhere near ya , I’ll get you anytime you like, I, I, I, I’m taking you to my life, I, I, I give all I”. Here is the next single by Daisy and it is released at the end of March. It was then onto 2 more songs which were infused together. The first half I shall call Denial. Even though there was a beat to it I saw it as a beautiful ballad. In this tune Syron sings the line “I get drunk on my tears” and “I’m sipping on denial”. What made this a beautiful song was the vocal performance despite the fact there was sadness when you listen carefully listen to the lyrics. The 2nd half being Spoons which was a track she collaborated with Rudimental on. What was performed was just a snippet of the track. Russell’s vocals were extremely soulful and this was a track you could easily have a good dance to. It was then onto Small Doses which appeared on the Mixtape. At the start there is some sultry dance moves by Daisy. Small Doses was a smooth song with flawless vocals backed by plenty of beats. Small Doses was a promising song with stunning lyrics. I most definitely would like to here the full studio version to this song. Once over there were some cheers then it was onto the next tune of the evening and this being Waterproof. This was an catchy dance track backed with a stunning vocal. “Dance to this” Syron said before the next number and this being the infectious Always Be Around. This being another song which appeared as a demo on the Mixtape. Russel’s vocals were superb and the lyrics were delectable backed with an infectious melody. Straight after it was onto the only cover of the evening and this being Wayne Wonder’s No Letting Go. Daisy owned this song and there was a reggae feel to it. It was then straight into the debut Syron single and this being Breaking. This tune was a soulful garage ballad which was extremely powerful with the beats that were being played. Breaking wants to get you moving as you have the thumping beats aided by Russel’s sublime vocals. “Everyone definitely has to dance to this one” Daisy said before they signed off with Mainline which was a collaboration with Tensnake. This felt like it was a song made especially for the clubs.


Denial/ Spoons
Small Doses
Always Be Around
No Holding Back

OVERALL: This was the first time I had witnessed Syron live and I only attended because there has been a buzz about her. I wasn’t left disappointed. Each track was complete perfection and it makes me look forward to the day the début album is out.

I do however see this as club music as it can easily make you want to dance to it.

Syron definitely has something and she is someone that you need to keep an eye out in 2013 and witness live if you get the chance.


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