Kate McGill @ Surya 19th December 2012

Surya paid host to the last ever gig by the one and only Kate McGill. This was an emotional occasion and as expected it turned out to be a complete sell out. McThrills united to give Kate a wonderful send off as the Kate McGill chapter was closing. When the doors opened Kate very sweetly gave everyone a letter along with some sweets. The letter basically said how that even though Kate McGill was gone she would be coming back but not as just herself. After being given this I made my way down to the basement venue and waited for the first support act to begin.

The emotional night opened up with a talented singer/ song writer and this being the sweet sounding Katie Sky. I first saw her perform live at The Borderline supporting Kate McGill last year and I have been hooked ever since. Sky’s style of music is Bubblegum Pop which makes every track that she sings incredible. Katie was accompanied by the talented Mr Tom Crouch on guitar which made each song have that acoustic feel to them. Straight after she was introduced she dove into Paradise which is actually the title of the EP which was released last year. This was an infectious track and upbeat as well. You cant help but feel entranced. Sky’s vocals were soft, gentle and mellowing. This was very sweet and very Pop at the same time. My favourite part had to be when the tempo changed “You know when we first met something else was going on, I could see it in your eyes as other lovers passed on by, Running together now nothing else could make us stop and every time I hear this melody I’m living in”. You can’t help but feel warm and happy inside. “That was so much fun. That went a lot better than the rehearsals. If you can hear, I’m really sorry for some of my singing tonight. I’ve got a cold still it’s mainly the m’s and n’s. I’ll try not to sneeze on you, that won’t happen. This one is from my old EP which is a year ago now which is mental. But I’m writing lots of more new songs” Sky said before a funky version of Run. This was a well written song which was both bright and breezy. Vocals were gentle an it was delivered superbly. Run was very different compared to Paradise. “It’s about to get very emotional are you ready? I met Kate about 3 years ago when she came and started recording her album Replaced with Daniel Goudie at the studios where I was working. We got on straight away and ever since then she’s just been a best friend to me and I mean it. This is a song me, Kate and Dan wrote called Tell You Everything. It’s very vulnerable and I hope I sing it well enough for you guys” Katie mentioned to the audience before singing the sweet sounding Tell You Everything. It was the first time I had heard it performed live and this was extremely beautiful. Tell You Everything was sweetly delivered. Katie may have had a cold but she delivered it brilliantly. “Like Owls” Sky told the audience when she got stuck into the next song Sweet Sweet Melody (she was referring to the Awoooo bits at the start). This is her most well known song and it is about the love/hate relationship of song writing. Sweet Sweet Melody was a contagious pop song which just embeds itself into your head. The lyrics were sublime and whenever I hear it I think of Christmas. “I do a few YouTube covers now and then for fun. I put up a video recently and it’s called If You’re Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield because Daniel Bedingfield is an absolutely amazing songwriter. If you look down a little bit. The cheat sheets are on the stage. I can’t lie to you. I’m really bad at lyrics. So if I look down every now and then it’s not because I’m ignoring you” Katie said before If You’re Not The One. This was a wonderful take on this beautiful track. Katie’s and Tom’s vocals infused together perfectly creating something really lovely. “Thank you so so much for watching me. Tom Crouch is on next and then the one and only Kate McGill. We’re all excited. I’m going to be the biggest fan at the front. This is my last song. I released a new single recently” Sky said before revealing the video for Only You is coming out in January as well as lots more new material which will be coming soon. Only You was an infectious song and you become captivated straight away. This was an uplifting tune with an amazing chorus.


Tell You Everything
Sweet Sweet Melody
If You’re Not The One
Only You

“So this is my last gig as me. How you all feeling about that? It’s a good thing, you feel good about it right? I want it to be a celebration of what has happened in 5 years. Lets just have fun. Let not make it just a gig, lets make it the last one ever and make it amazing” Kate McGill then said to the intimate gathering before introducing the opening song as The Way You Say Goodbye. This was a sweet sounding song and was quite poignant. McGill’s vocals were spot on and this song was very laid back. I just still can’t believe McGill is calling it a day as each one of her songs are really beautiful. “Bit of a weird song to start with” Kate then said before spotting Katie Sky who was “Tom Crouching” right at the front. “If you know it, just sing. It will be fun” McGill then mentioned to the audience before No Ground. Now this was a heart warming number which had sweet and beautiful lyrics. “You guys are going to make me cry. This next one requires singing from you. You all say yes but you have to sing” Kate then said before my favourite song and this being the contagious Look Down. The shocking thing is Kate McGill remembering all the words after she completely forgot them at the Barfly earlier on this year. This tune was very uptempo and my favourite part had to be the chorus which oozed plenty of energy. “This next one is a golden oldie. I haven’t played this in so long” Kate then said before mentioning if she forgot parts of it the audience would have to prompt her. The song in question being Melancholy Melody. This fantastic song was delivered at a steady place. It sounded ever so lovely and there was some audience participation as well. What pulled on my heart strings was when McGill started crying once the song had ended. McGill mentioned it was the alcohol but I reckon it was down to it being the last gig and plenty of McThrills gathered to attend this emotional event. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t expecting this. I think it’s the alcohol. I probably had a litre of vodka” McGill then said before saying her crying could have been the hit of alcohol. Moving on it was then onto Short Straw. This was up tempo and singable at the same time. “I never thought I’d play that song again. I feel like I’m 15. Are you all OK. I can’t thank you enough for being her. This next one’s about religion” Kate then said before The Key. This was hell of a tune. McGill’s vocals were sickly sweet, the song was uptempo and infectious. Plus it was a tad emotional. “This is like the best gig I’ve ever played, ever. I’m going to be in a band next but not some weird space out keyboard player in the back” Kate then said before revealing that she would be near the front and wont go unnoticed. It was then onto a cover of Kodaline’s All I Want. McGill’s version of this song was simply stunning. She has a way of putting her own spin on ever single tune that she covers. Also the soft All I Want had some lovely lyrics. After some tuning down it was then onto Full To The Brim. “Are you ready to sing along” McGill said before singing this wonderful tune. This was a strong song which was sung at a steady pace. I found this number to be very hypnotic. It was then onto the 2nd single from Replaced and this being Cursed. Words cannot describe how brilliant this song actually was. First it was delivered at a fast pace and secondly the lyrics were both infectious and slightly upbeat at the same time. I loved the chorus to this number. “This is my penultimate song” McGill then mentioned to the audience before people were shouting for Katie Sky to come on the stage for Justin Bieber cover Beauty And The Beat. Katie had originally said she couldn’t remember the lyrics but she got through this song without a hitch. Both Katie’s and Kate’s vocals infused together to create something fantastic. Ever since I had heard this sung live, I have literally become addicted to it.

After McGill then called on Tom Crouch for the next number and this being Weave. I found this to be a mellowing song which was played at a steady pace. Tom Crouch harmonised perfectly and his vocals clamped onto Kate’s. “This is my last song. Thank you so much. I don’t want to say any more” Kate then said before Replaced. Now this was incredible. The lyrics were beautiful, it was delivered gently and it was mesmerising. After plenty of people asked for more Kate McGill then performed he last ever song and this being Diamonds & Waste. “If I sing this you have to sing along. If you don’t I’ll literally stop mid song” McGill then mentioned to all of her McThrills. Now the chorus to this song was strong and infectious as well (the chorus is energetic and uptempo). “We are a pack of cards, I may be ace, but you’re the king, The king of everything, Look what you win, We are a pack of cards, I may be ace, but you’re the king, The king of everything, Look what you win”. Kate is a formidable guitar player. That song wrapped up an stunning evening.


The Way You Say Goodbye
No Ground
Look Down
Melancholy Melody
Short Straw
The Key
All I Want
Full To The Brim
Beauty And The Beat
Diamonds & Waste

OVERALL: Sandwiched inbetween both Katie and Kate was Tom Crouch. The set that he performed I really enjoyed. I knew of him but had never heard any of his solo material before. But the songs that featured during the set (Stranded, London Town, When All Hope Is Lost) has made me want to hear more material by him. Plus his Coldplay cover of Every Teardrop was quite something

The night opened up with Katie sky. How can I describe her. Well she is lovely, amazing and sings enchanting/ hypnotic music. Each track performed was spectacular. Paradise which was released December last year was one sublime EP and the songs that she performed from it were brilliant despite her cold. I really would love Katie to sing Paradise one day but joined with the rapper that appears on that track. Finally Only You was infectious and it makes me look to future material from her.

As for Kate McGill I cannot find the words to describe how emotional it was. Even I had to fight back the tears and I had a massive lump in my throat. It wont be the last we hear from her though and I predict she would come back and do the odd solo gig now and again. It will be so weird knowing that she is gone.

But this is not the end for Kate McGill, it’s only just the beginning. As one chapter closes another opens.


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