Nerina Pallot @ The Tabernacle 15th December 2012

This was the first time I had attended Nerina Pallot’s Xmas Show. I purchased the Shiny Bauble ticket the moment they went on sale in July. Basically with this ticket you get access to sound check as well as Mulled Wine and Mince Pies made by Nerina’s own hands. I needed to be at the venue at 4pm and I decided to get there around 3pm. So once I was there I went inside The Tabernacle got my VIP wristband and I waited for the time everyone could go upstairs. The sound check was nothing special really. Pallot performed some songs which were performed in the show later on plus she sung a bit of Last Christmas by Wham. The sound check came to an end at 6.30pm and everyone made their way downstairs to join the queue for the main show. At this point only 2 ticket holders were there. This was to be all standing and I was the 3rd in lie which was good. Once the time came people started to filter I the venue.

The headline set to Nerina’s Christmas show opened up with Butterfly which was taken from her 4th LP Year Of The Wolf. This was beautifully sung on acoustic guitar. Even though it was steady in pace, it’s extremely upbeat at the same time. Straight after it was Everybody’s Gone To War. This was an upbeat rock’n’roll track with an killer chorus that begs to be sung along to, as well as being a protest song. “Welcome back to Tabernacle for the Nerina Pallot Christmas Spectacular. I can’t believe how many of you are here tonight” Pallot said to the audience also mentioning about the last Xmas show at the Tabernacle in 2010 and many people didn’t turn up because of the heavy snowfall. I was one of those people that was offered a ticket but had to turn it down as the weather was so bad I had to pull out going to gigs. Well the next tune of the evening was Turn Me On Again. This had been superbly written as well as being both upbeat and contagious. My favourite part of this song had to be the chorus “Love is hate and love is fire, Fill my head with dumb desire, Turn me on again, Come on, come on and turn me on again”.

“If you’re wondering what the movie is behind me, it’s Scrooge. I’ve never seen it. Unfortunately we had to turn the sound down” Nerina said whilst at the piano. It was then onto Idaho. Now I really liked this song it is played at a steady pace and the lyrics were strong. Real Late Starter was extremely uptempo and Nerina just launched into it straight after Idaho. The beat is fantastic and you just want to tap your toe to it. The song was blitzed through and the lyrics especially the chorus is tremendous. “We’re sprinkling some seasonal songs through this show. This is what this is a show. I’ve been drinking since 1pm, I don’t really know anymore. None of my Christmas songs are particulary cheery” Pallot then said before Blue Christmas. The song itself was offered as a free download from Nerina’s website for people who had purchased The Graduate. Now I really enjoyed this upbeat piano number. Blue Christmas was an entrancing track which had been sublimely written. This song is basically saying that Nerina cannot get into the Christmas spirit. Damascus was played immediately after. It showcased Nerina’s excellent silky voice and the range it covered. I found the chorus to be rather heart warming. “I feel like every song I sing should be festive. Most of those songs are quite depressing. So I’m just trying to think of a way to festivise this next song. There isn’t one” Pallot then said before a different version of Human. There was actually added sleigh bells. Nerina was on the acoustic guitar for this beautiful number as soon as the sleigh bells came in everyone burst into laughter. The vocals were delivered to perfection and it completely captivated me. “This next song is from the EP I just did” Nerina then said before launching into the title track from that EP and this was Yes, December. This was again another beautiful tune which Pallot played on her acoustic guitar. Yes, December was very gentle and very mellow. I really liked its lyrics. “I was going to play another song from my latest album Year Of The Wolf but I’ve completely neglected my 1st album and that’s a bit sad really” Nerina said before playing Daphne And Apollo. The set list had it down as Grace. This beautiful song was a Nerina solo track and it was delivered faultlessly. This song is about a couple who are in a relationship even though there is a distance between them. Pallot then introduced her talented band before the next tune and this being It Starts. This song was really beautiful and it is easy on the ear. I found this to be rather soothing and very enchanting at the same time. It was then onto This Will Be Our Year which originally featured on 2009’s Junebug EP and was then re worked for the 4th LP Year Of The Wolf. This was a beautiful piano led ballad which sounded phenomenal. Nerina’s vocal performance was so smooth and I thought the lyrics were hypnotic. “I hope you don’t mind but I would like to play you a new song. I’m going to play you one, I’m not going to bore you” Pallot said before The Hold Tight. She had earlier played it in the sound check. I must say this was simply incredible. This piano led song was steady in pace and has wonderful/ infectious lyrics. Nerina’s vocals were extremely sweet sounding. The Hold Tight actually makes me look forward to hearing more material from the 5th LP in the future. “I love that we’re so warm and cosy in here that we’ve overcome the weather and they’re putting air con on for us. I’m very lucky but at the end of the year I just want to do this and you all turn up. It’s like you all collectively manage to rest to go birthday party” Nerina then mentioned before telling the story of how she never got her pony and no one turned up for her birthday party when she was young. It was then onto a cover which originally appeared on the Buckminster Fuller EP back in 2009. Better Than Today was then given to Kylie Minogue for the Aphrodite LP. Still this upbeat song had an contagious chorus and it makes you want to dance along to it. I especially liked the spoken part during this tune. Next it was then onto another song which was given to Kylie Minogue which was rejected. This was Put Your Hands Up and this was Pallot’s attempt at the Steps dance section when they toured back in April. This was an infectious disco number. The chorus is ever so catchy and it would most definitely have you singing along. “Put your hands up, Say you wont stop, Giving me love, Cos I need you to feel me feel me. Put your hands up, Say you wont stop, Giving me love, I don’t care if its greedy greedy”. Charlotte was then introduced (she played at the Nerina Fest which took place earlier on in the year) and the closing number was another festive tune and this being Two Figures In The Snow. This gentle piano ballad ended what had been a spectacular evening. Nerina and the rest of the band left the stage only to return as everyone was chanting for more. The encore kicked off with the shagging song Geek Love. I liked how the lyrics geld to the melody played on the piano making it extremely beautiful. My Last Tango was perfect the vocals were really strong. I love it when Nerina sings solo because her vocals are so strong. Ending proceedings was a favourite of mine this being Sophia. This again was another beautiful piano driven song. I could sit through Nerina singing live for hours and I know many more people would share that opinion. The vocals are both beautiful and powerful.


Everybody’s Gone To War
Turn Me On Again
Real Late Starter
Blue Xmas
Yes, December
Daphne And Apollo
It Starts
This Will Be Our Year
The Hold Tight
Better Than Today
Put Your Hands Up
Two Figures In The Snow


Geek Love
My Last Tango

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this evening of Nerina and each one of the songs that were sung were complete perfection. I will most definitely attend next years Christmas bash.


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