Kate Nash @ Queen Elizabeth Hall 1st December 2012

Kate Nash is an artist I have been a fan of since Foundations was released back in 2007. Since then I have witnessed her grow as a musician. Now Kate is set to release 3rd album Girl Talk through funding website PledgeMusic. You can pledge on loads of exclusive goodies such as an intimate record listening party, scarves knitted by Kate, a lullaby by Kate, limited edition screenprints etc. I have seen Kate a lot of times during the 6 years and the direction she has taken is a dramatic change compared to the songs which featured on Made Of Bricks and the sophomore My Best Friend Is You. The tracks that she played are slightly Punky and its style is very similar to Nash’s side project band The Receeders. Kate Nash’s Rock n Roll For Girls After School Music Club started in 2011 and this saw Nash visit different schools around the UK. This night was an end of year gala for the Liverpool and Yeovil.

Hats off to both schools and I completely admire them for performing in front everyone in Queen Elizabeth Hall. These girls were really young and they sounded incredible. What was performed was a mixture of original material and covers. Even though I enjoyed the two sets played by both schools only 3 people stood out. These were Esme Higgins with her own song the mellowing Back To You, Triplet who sang Reflection Of Us and Angry Judgement who sang the punky I’m So ANGRY (now that song reminded me of The Sex Pistols).

Sister was the first song on the night. It started off with Kate playing the guitar for the first verse. This was delivered at a steady pace then the rest of the band came in for the chorus through to the end. Now this was like a full on force it was extremely strong. I would say the chorus was the most infectious part of this incredible tune. “Hi everybody. It feels like really serious in here. Thank you so much for coming this evening and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves. This is like the best day of my life. Also I have loads of glitter around my eyelashes so it looks like I’m just watching a movie anyway. So I think I’m going to be a little bit chatty in this show. I don’t know why, when people are sitting down I always feel like I need to talk more. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Probably a bad thing for you guys. But I feel great about it” Nash said before the latest single and this being Death Proof. The majority of this song was spoken through but it infused to the melody perfectly which resulted in one fantastic song. After it was onto something old and this being Kiss That Grrrl which featured on the sophomore album My Best Friend Is You. I actually first heard this song live at Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2009 at Laura Dockrill’s event for Ugly Shy Girl. Compared to her new material this song is completely different. The melody is actually really gentle/ hypnotic despite the fact you had the guitars and drums. Its lyrics were impeccable and rather contagious as well.

“It’s December 1st we can talk about Christmas. I love Christmas. This song is also from the EP. It’s about rubbish friends like really bad ones that you have for like 10 years and then you’re like oh yeah why are you my friend again. I think you don’t really know what friend means do you. You think friend means something really horrible. Like its taken you 10 years to figure it out. So you’re kind of like oh I need to write a song after that about me being an idiot. I haven’t gotten to that stage yet, that’s 4th album” Kate then metioned to the audience before delving into Fri-End?. This tune was very up-tempo and was extremely powerful which literally blew me away. Fri-End was like a full on force which hits you in the face.  I’m A Feminist, You’re Still A Whore has to feature on Girl Talk. For starters it is rather gentle and secondly it is utterly contagious. “Just because you’re sitting down, please don’t feel like shy or anything. Maybe I think you should stand up for this one. If you don’t want to don’t feel like you have to. I hate like forcing people. Audience Participation. I think when people are like, I really don’t want to get on stage but my boyfriend just pushed me up here and I’m at Butlins and doing something really embarrassing. It’s OK it will be over soon. I don’t want it to be like that but I do want you to have a good time” Nash said before Do Wah Doo. The song featured on sophomore album My Best Friend Is You. Nash and the rest of the band blitzed through this electric song at ease. It was over in a flash. This had a 60’s feel to it and it oozed plenty of energy.

“This next song is very summery. It’s about being on the most amazing holiday of your life. There’s sun and Dolphins and ice cream and hot girls in bikinis everywhere. You know its just really awesome apart from you just hate everyone and want them to die. Cos you’re just depressed and no one can ever understand you” Kate said before Oh My God. I found this number to be rather light and easy on the ear. The chorus was really infectious and had a furious pace. “You asked for a classic, you shall get one. You’re wish has come true” Nash then said before a double dose of oldies. The first needed no introductions and this being Foundations. This was a right pleasing song and I really adored the fast paced quirky lyrics. Foundations had got the full on band version which made it extremely powerful. Whilst what followed on was something I hadn’t heard live before and this being We Get On. This was the first time I had witnessed an electric performance of this song. Like Do Wah Doo Kate wasn’t on guitar. I really liked this version. We Get On was a quirky track and it is slightly sad nearing the end. “I’m actually so excited about the next song right now. This was originally a cover from a friends song about something other than Girl Gangs that’s not as cool at all. And I heard it very naively and I thought it was about girl gangs and I’ve changed it to be about girl gangs cos I can do what I want. Basically I’ve made it about girl gangs and this evening I truly feel like I am in an actual girl gang. When I was watching all of these songs sung by all the girls from both schools tonight I was like Oh My God I feel exactly like you feel. I can totally relate to everything you’re saying” Nash said before her reworking of a Fidlar song. What followed was Girl Gang. Now this was rather punky and it was extremely powerful. “So this is the end of the show” Kate then said before people started to chant for an encore. “We haven’t finished yet. Jeez give us a chance. Thanks for coming. I hope you had a wonderful time at the show” was her reply before Underestimate The Girl. Now this was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Just like I Just Love You More this song does take a while to grow on you. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track. Nash then left the stage only to return minutes later. “I’m going to do one more for you altogether. Thanks for having us” she then said before inviting both Liverpool and Yeovil schools to participate in the last song You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky. It was the first time I had heard it performed live and this was a beautiful acoustic tune.


Kiss That Grrrl
I’m A Feminist, You’re Still A Whore
Do Wah Doo
Oh My God
We Get On
Girl Gang
Underestimate The Girl


You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky

OVERALL: Kate Nash is an artist I love and with what was performed makes me look forward till Girl Talk is released next year. It was a pleasure to hear We Get On and when the girls of each school came onstage for the last song was quite something.

Finally both set of girls had some real guts and I admire them for what they did. Some of the girls I would like to see perform live again but it is ashame that would never happen. Unless Kate arranges another Gala with both schools so we see how they have progressed.


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