Tich @ The Silver Bullet 29th November 2012

Tich is Rachel Furner and I was very fortunate to see her play at a secret launch gig for the brand new EP Candlelight which is released later in December. How I came to win entry to this stunning event is by emailing my name to Rachel and the lucky people chosen got an email back saying that their name was on the list. This evening was taking place at The Silver Bullet which directly in front of Finsbury Park tube station. I have been a fan of Rachel’s for a while (she even participated in an interview on this blog back in 2009). The headline set kicked off at 8.30pm and there was plenty of blue and white tinsel all over the keyboard/ microphone stands.

“Hello, I’m Tich. Thanks for coming. I’m so overwhelmed. This is the EP launch party secret gig bonanza. First of all I just want to say you all look beautiful in your blue and white. If you’re not wearing blue and white could you go to the door” Rachel said to the intimate audience. After the stand up comedy it was then onto a cove of Glad You Came which was originally by The Wanted. Furner mentioned this was meant as a thank you to everyone for coming. This cheerful song was very uptempo and it is one you can have a good dance to. It was just Rachel and her keyboard and I must say her version was simply spectacular. The vocal performance was pure perfection. “This next song is a début. This song I wrote because when you come out of relationships like friendships you can look back and have bitter or negative thoughts but you just have to go never mind. Some things aren’t meant to be” Furner then mentioned to the audience. It was then onto Never Mind. I liked this song because you can clearly picture what is going on throughout this track. Never Mind was very passionate and it was a little bit emotional as Rachel was singing about her heartache. “This next part is very exciting because I’m going to welcome on the beautiful string quartet. This is the preview of the EP. This is the sound of the EP which I hope you’ve pre ordered” Rachel said before Breathe In, Breathe Out which she wrote with Nick Jonas (whom is a 1/3 of The Jones Brothers). “This is about the time you realise that you like someone. If you like someone here tonight just point at them” Furner then said before launching into the song. This tune was amazing and it was sung superbly. Rachel gave it her all and the vocals were extremely powerful. My favourite parts had to be the pacey verses. “I wrote this because, basically the young generation are soon to grow up and I sometimes get scared the fact that I’ll have responsibility someday. This song is about how actually we will be able to deal with it” Furner then said before introducing the next song as Kingdom. This had been superbly written and it was rather infectious. The string quartet added that extra something. I really liked the powerful chorus “This is our kingdom, and we’re gonna rule it all and we will never fall, just watch us standing tall. If there’s a future, then we’re gonna rise above we wont stop till you’re done, we’ll fight till kingdom comes”.

“This song is about leaving Northampton and moving to London and doing music” Rachel then said before dedicating Dust to her inspiring best friend Tash. Just like Never Mind this song tells the story of moving from one town to another one. “I’ve had enough of this town. It’s full of tears, full of clowns” was one of the lyrics from this song. Furner put everything into this tune and sang it faultlessly. “As much as I joke this next song is the 1st time I’ve ever done the song. This is about bullying. I struggled with bullying throughout school. This song is a song that I wrote to any young girl or young boy. But I wrote it to myself at ages about 13/ 14. What I would of wanted to hear if I could of. This is called Little By Little and it’s about how you will overcome whatever problems you have little by little but you will” Furner then mentioned to the audience before the final track to be showcased from the Candlelight EP and this being Little By Little. This tune was so powerful lyrically and slightly emotional. Rachel put everything into this song and this had to be my favourite from the EP. “On a lighter note this song is called What I Meant To Say and this is for every arrogant person and if you wanted to say something to them this is what you would say” Furner then said before What I Meant To Say. This was an excellent song which had smooth verses and a quirky chorus. After Rachel thanked people it was then onto a Christmas song and this being Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. It was phenomenally delivered and Furner has a belting vocal range. This classic song was ideal with the impending festive season upon us. Once over Rachel pretended to walk off stage it was then onto the encore. “I wrote this when I broke up with my boyfriend. I thought Oh My God I’ve been really stupid” Furner then said before ending with the quirky Dumb.


Glad You Came
Never Mind
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Little By Little
What I Meant To Say
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

OVERALL: First of all Rachel Furner is an incredible singer/ song writer who has the ability to make waves in the music industry.

Now I completely adore Tich, I always have. What was sung was simply spectacular and every single song played was superb. It is hard to chose a favourite that was performed but Little By Little was one that stood out. Now that song was powerful lyrically and slightly emotional. Also Dumb was very uptempo and quirky at the same time. Plus the string quartet was an excellent addition.

Tich is Quirky Pop which works wonders. Just hearing the EP performed live makes me look forward when I can download it on my iPod.

After saying this time and time again 2013 will be the year of the stripe. I reckon the fact that she is supporting Stooshe on their December tour will result in more fans. I look forward to the day Tich announces her headline tour and début album.


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