Alanis Morissette @ o2 Arena 28th November 2012

I have been a fan of Alanis Morissette since she released Jagged Like A Pill. The album contained songs such as Hand In My Pocket, Right Through You, You Lean, Head Over Feet and Ironic. After seeing she was playing o2 Arena I booked a ticket immediately. Alanis did play Brixton earlier on in the year but I was gutted to have missed that. This was my 1st ever Morissette gig and I was really looking forward to it. I arrived at the o2 around 1pm expecting there to be a massive queue of people (I didn’t know what Alanis fans were like) and to my surprise there were only 8 people sitting in the pens. As time went on that grew to 8 extra people. This being down to the fact friends joined friends at the front. Now this can irk people especially if you have been queuing for hours. 6.30pm came and doors were slightly delayed due to the sound check still taking place. When the time did come people started filtering into the venue. I decided to power walk to the front as I wanted to get a decent spot at the barrier. Miraculously I managed to secure barrier centre right which I was happy about. Support came from Alanis’s husband who goes under the name SoulEye plus Athlete who sang an enjoyable set.

Coming on at 9.30pm the set kicked off with I Remain (1st Segue). This song featured on the soundtrack to The Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time. I basically saw this tune as a introduction as only Alanis’s band were on the stage. Morissette was singing but she wasn’t on the stage. She then took to the stage with plenty of cheers and applause with a track from the recently released Havoc And Bright Lights. Alanis then came on from the side of the stage and launched herself into the feisty Woman Down. I actually enjoyed the song the lyrics were both spectacular and delivered powerfully. “It’s so great to be back. I really missed you” Alanis said to the crowd before going steaight into the 1st old song of the evening. This being All I Really Want which was taken from the album Jagged Like A Pill which was released in 1995. This was delivered at a steady pace and there was a Rock tinge to it. Throughout the song Alanis played the harmonica. “How you doing? You look gorgeous” Morissette said before You Learn. This again featured on the album Jagged Like A Pill and it was the 4th single taken from it. This was a mid tempo pop rock song. This song spoke of the importance of poor decision making in life by explaining that these decisions can teach valuable lessons. My favourite part of You Learn had to be its chorus. Unlike the previous songs that had been sung Alanis remained stationary throughout.

It was then straight into the lead single from Havoc and Bright Lights and this being the powerful Guardian. This was a promising song and I really enjoyed it just witnessing it live in front of me. Guardian was a combination of Pop and Rock with a bright chorus. Mary Jane was then played straight after. This featured on the album Jagged Like A Pill and it was a fans favourite. I found this to be rather mellowing and it was delivered to perfection. This was a slow tempo ballad which showcased Morissette’s startling vocals. Following on was Receive and this being the latest cut from Havoc and Bright Lights (in fact neither Receive or Guardian have been released in the UK). This was a promising tune which had some sublime lyrics which were delivered at a mid tempo.  Jagged Like A Pill track Right Through You saw Alanis sing about frustration in her life. So Pure which was a rock song was played immediately after. This featured on Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie which was released in 1998. This was sublimely sung and it also saw Morissette walk straight into her microphone during the song. Ironic then followed So Pure. Now this was a crowd pleaser and everyone was singing along to this infectious track. Ironic was a power Pop/ Rock song which had a strong chorus. There was so much energy oozing from it. It was then back onto material from the new album and this being Havoc. At first it started with a piano introduction then Alanis came in with her flawless vocals. Havoc was a soft and tender song which sounded spectacular.

It was then onto another song from Jagged Like A Pill and this being that albums 5th single Head Over Feet. This was a smooth Pop Rock song which had luscious lyrics plus Alanis was played her acoustic guitar. New song Lens was very promising and had brilliant verses and a wonderful chorus. After it was then onto something from the City Of Angels soundtrack and this being Uninvited. It started off with a piano introduction then plenty of applause followed. Its eerie piano notes blended with Morissette’s vocals as the song escalated in intensity. Towards the end there was plenty of head banging/ whipping hair. You Oughta Know then infused to the ending of Uninvited. This angst ridden song was a hit with the crowd. Alanis then ended the set with another tune from her new album and this being Numb which was extremely heavy. Once over Morissette and band left the stage only to return moments later for an incredible encore and this was to be 2 songs which had been stripped back. Alanis sat on a stool in the middle of the stage. The first track of this encore was the lovely Hand In My Pocket which everyone sang along to. This song was gentle and the melody was very hypnotic. Morissette also showed off her harmonica playing skills again. After what followed was a spine tingling a capella of Your House which litterally left me speechless. “Thank you so much, I love you. Take care of yourselves” Alanis said one the song was over. She then left the stage only to return moments later. “This is for you” Morissette said before ending her 2nd encore with Thank U which was quite fitting.


I Remain (1st Segue)
Woman Down
All I Really Want
You Learn
Mary Jane
Right Through You
So Pure
Head Over Feet
You Oughta Know


Hand In My Pocket
Your House


Thank U

OVERALL: I really thought Alanis was incredible this evening and the acoustic encore of Hand In My Pocket and Your House was incredible. The fact Your House was sung as an a capella was simply breathtaking.

Before the gig I had heard only a few tracks from Havoc and Bright Lights but after hearing it performed live has made me stick the album on repeat.

The fact Alanis was late onstage was slightly annoying as it meant a couple of songs were removed and these being 21 Things (I Want In A Lover) and London. Also banter with the crowd was kept to a minimum.


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  1. I saw her at Liverpool Echo on the 30th Nov. We were a group of 4 at the front and we were among the first few in there. She was genuinely incredible. I too am a massive fan and have been waiting since Jagged Little Pill to see her live, following all her albums and songs since.

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