Olly Murs @ St John At Hackney 20th November 2012

Olly Murs at St John At Hackney was a Little Noise Session that made me want to register to the backstage area so I would have chance of getting a ticket via the presale. Murs was one of the final three artists to be confirmed. The 1st 3 being Richard Hawley, The Maccabees and Noah and the Whale. The 2nd announcement being Olly Murs and Amy Macdonald then the last announcement was the biggie and this being Gary Barlow. I registered to the backstage area as I really wanted to attend both Olly and Amy which meant getting them both on general sale would be a bit risky. I had been a fan of Murs ever since he was a contestant on The X Factor and I never had the opportunity of seeing him perform live. This was mainly down to the fact that most of his concerts are seated. In the end I managed to get my ticket and there was no need to stress about getting one as it didn’t turn out to be the sell out I had expected. After I had attended Gary Barlow the night before thoughts then turned to what time to turn up for Olly. I knew it was going to be an early start but I planned to get there later than the other day. I got there at 10.30am to find out I was the 4th one there. Fast forward to when the doors did open at 6.30pm. People started to filter into the church and I managed to get barrier centre right. Support was provided by both Lovable Rogues and Lawson. I enjoyed both acts and it was also the first time I had witnessed Lovable Rogues live and I most certainly would see them again in the future.

Around 9.30 Mr Murs burst onto the stage and launched himself into Dance With Me Tonight. This tune was really infectious and its style was Pop meets Soul meets R&B. I love this song as it reminds me of Christmas time as it was released around this time last year. Dance With Me Tonight was an infectious song which you just want to go crazy to. There was actually a do wop vibe to it similar to Bruno Mars. Thinking Of Me was played straight after. This was a fusion of Pop and Reggae which worked wonders. The song was very breezy which was delivered at a smooth pace. I loved the lyrics to this song they were extremely catchy. Thinking Of Me was the 2nd single to be taken from debut self titled album and it sounded absolutely incredible live. “Little Noise Sessions. How you guys doing out there? It’s a pleasure to be here for Mencap tonight. Thank you guys so much for all coming along to support this amazing charity and an amazing night with me. You guys having a good night so far? What is it? Is it a Tuesday night? You’re raving on a Tuesday night” Murs then said before the mellowing I’ve Tried Everything. This song featured on the sophomore album In Case You Didn’t Know. I’ve Tried Everything started off slow then the pace picked up. I found this track to be rather incredible and everyone was singing along. I’ve Tried Everything was very uplifting. “You guys OK? I said are you OK?” Olly said to the audience leading into the next song.“If you know the words please sing along” Murs then mentioned before I’m OK. The lyrics were stunning and the verses were quirky. It was rather pacey and it was a right crowd pleaser at the same time.

“So I’ve got a little album that’s coming out very very soon called Right Place, Right Time. There’s actually a song on the album I really really like I want to play for you guys tonight. It’s about this girl I went on a date with and I had quite a good time. In Essex terms What A Buzz” Olly then said before showcasing something brand new and this being What A Buzz. Now this song was extremely quirky and it tells a story of Murs going on a date with a girl he just met. This tune was very infectious and had some stunning harmonising. “So did you guys watch The X Factor?. We didn’t expect Ella and James Arthur to be in the bottom 2. Mental. Xtra Factor was probably the most boring show we’ve ever done all series. There was no jokes through the whole show. But I’m glad you guys are watching. I’m having a great time on the Xtra Factor and I just want to say thank you guys so much. If you tweet the show, If you record the show. It’s amazing. Well going back to the songs, there’s a special song that I wrote on the 2nd album. I love this song very much” Olly then said before I Need You Now. I must admit this was a beautiful ballad that was slow in pace and the vocals were impeccable. Another quirky song was next and this being Busy. It was co written by Olly and it is surprising it is the lowest charting Murs single to date. This song was very Pop and had a powerful chorus. There were plenty of fans that were singing to every single word Murs was saying. “I met this really nice girl. Thought she could be the one. But she didn’t want to be with me anymore. I sung this song to her” Murs then said referring to life after X Factor back in 2010. It was then onto the debut single Please Don’t Let Me Go. This tune was very steady and had an up tempo Power Pop chorus. During it Murs grabbed his trademark Bowler Hat. I found this to be a toe tapping number and entirely contagious at the same time.

Is there any Troublemakers in the house? I didn’t mean to kiss that girl ladies. I’m sorry, It happened. I can’t kiss all of you” Olly then said referring to his performance of Troublemaker on The X Factor 2 days before. Troublemaker was an infectious Pop song with lyrics you just want to sing along to. “Which can I just add is #1 on iTunes right now. Fingers crossed. Thank you to everyone that’s downloaded the single so far. Honestly I really hope it’s #1 on Sunday. This next song, I actually don’t think I’m going to need to sing this next one. Cos I reckon you guys are going to know every word of this one” and Olly was right. It was then onto the incredible Oh My Goodness which was ever so enchanting. This was a real crowd pleaser as literally everyone was singing along to the words. I must admit I really adore this song as it gave me a warm happy feeling inside (well the whole of Olly’s set made me feel happy). Oh My Goodness was Pop meets Soul with stunning lyrics which easily get you moving. My favourite part had to be the uplifting chorus. “Thank you guys so much for an amazing night tonight. You guys have been fantastic. And I’ll see all you little troublemakers very very soon” Olly said before ending the epic evening with his most successful single to date. This being the upbeat Heart Skips A Beat. The tune itself was delivered to perfection and ended what had been an incredible evening.


Dance With Me Tonight
Thinking Of Me
I’ve Tried Everything
I’m OK
What A Buzz
I Need You Now
Please Don’t Let Me Go
Oh My Goodness
Heart Skips A Beat

OVERALL: I have been wanting to see Olly Murs for a while now but what stood in the way was the fact that the dates in London have always been seated. Murs did play the Roundhouse but I unfortunately did not win tickets.

On another not the set played by Olly was incredible and I enjoyed each song which was performed. I especially liked What A Buzz. I will most definitely see Murs perform in the future.


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