Haim @ The Haunt 18th November 2012

Residing from Los Angeles, California are a brand new group Haim which consist of sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim plus drummer Dash Hutton. Currently signed to Polydor Records this is a band that excites me greatly. Haim have the potential to be massive in 2013 and I predict they will easily gain more new fans when supporting Florence and the Machine this December. As for this gig this was the final date of the bands tour and it took place at The Haunt in Brighton. It was Brighton’s The Great Escape earlier this year which put them in the public eye. After having witnessed them play London I was looking forward to seeing them play again. The reason why I went to see them twice on tour was a) It was the final night b) Haim will probably play in larger venues in 2013 and c) I enjoy their music. I arrived in Brighton around 3ish expecting there to be at least some people outside The Haunt. To my surprise there was only one person there. The queue didn’t start to build until 6.30pm.

After support slots from Kill Moon and Death At Sea it was then onto headliner Haim. Just like the London show they all took to the stage at 9.55pm and got stuck into Better Off. This song started as an a capella which showcased each sisters perfect vocals. Then Dash came in with the drums. This song was both hypnotic and infectious. Haim have so many great songs but this has to be one of my favourites. The harmonising was faultless. After plenty of applause it was then onto The Wire. This song immediately stands out and it is a song that you want to sing along to. I especially liked the upbeat The Wire was a smooth track with an added tinge of Rock. The vocals were impeccable and it was a song that you just want to go crazy to. The opening riffs make me think of the opening to Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World. “We’re so happy to be here, this is the best way to end our first tour” Alana Haim said to the intimate audience. “This is were it all started for us. It all started for us in Brighton. What better way to celebrate a homecoming with a party. I hope everyone brought their fucking flasks and fucking beers. And maybe some condoms because you know you’re going to need them” Este then went onto say before they went onto another song and this being Honey And I. This song had incredible harmonising and the vocals were superb. The lyrics are utterly contagious and I adored its melody. It was then onto Falling. This is a rather promising song which was delivered at a smooth pace. Vocally it was extremely powerful. My favourite part had to be its upbeat chorus.

“Is this the part of the show where we like to jam?” Este Haim said before sister Danielle had her tuning time. “This is the time were usually Este says something inappropriate” Alana said before Este replied with “But I’ve learned my lesson thank you very much and I’m not going to say something inappropriate. But I will say I’m really happy to be here. And I’m hoping that someone will make out with me”. “And there it is” Alana Haim then mentioned before Este said “I’m not out the woods yet bro. I’m still in the UK, I want to say whatever the fuck I want”. It was then onto their very own interpretation of the Fleetwood Mac song Oh Well. Alana took the lead for this songs short verses. Haim definitely put their own stamp onto this track. Also the guitar playing made this song rather epic. “I don’t think we really thought we were going to be welcome back here” Danielle then mentioned before Este revealed “I don’t know because I did a taking off my dress at the show. And made out with some random dude. It definitely was a classy moment for me”. The next song was Go Slow a tune which Este Haim mainly sang. This was a slow paced entrancing/ mellowing tune with luscious harmonies. Each of the sisters each sang parts of this fantastic track. We still haven’t figured out how to write a set list. Maybe by next tour we’ll figure out how to speak English” Este then joked after Danielle couldn’t remember what song was next. What followed on was the brand new Don’t Save Me which they have only performed live a couple of time. This song excites me greatly, it was delivered at a fast pace and its infectious lyrics gelled to the melody perfectly. This tune has grown on me immensely and I loved this track. “Do you know what the next song is” Este then said to her sister Danielle. “I think it might be the reason why we’re here. It’s the title track off of our EP that we released” Danielle said before tuning her guitar. “Spoiler alert it’s called Forever” Alana then said to the audience. “Someone gave away the ending of Skyfall to me the other day and I got really upset. They didn’t say spoiler alert” Este then told the audience. It was then onto Forever. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. The evening was then capped off with the epic/ powerful Let Me Go which was absolutely phenomenal. “Hopefully we’ll see you at the next one” Danielle said before jumping straight into the song.


Better Off
The Wire
Honey And I
Oh Well
Go Slow
Don’t Save Me
Let Me Go

OVERALL: Haim are a band that can well and truly make waves in the music industry. I reckon by the time that they support Florence their popularity is going to result im plenty of sell outs (take The Lumineers for example they supported The Civil Wars and now they have sold out their tour next year). The Haunt is most likely the last small venue to host this incredible band.

Once over I hung round in hope that the three sisters would come out and meet the audience but this didn’t happen. Eventually everyone was told to leave the venue which made me slightly regretting the fact I didn’t say anything when I saw them arrive earlier. So once outside my friends and I went round to the back in hope they would come out. Unfortunately they didn’t but on the plus side I got my vinyl signed.


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