Haim @ KCLSU 14th November 2012

Haim are a band which have massive potential to be huge. This Californian three piece consisted of 3 sisters Alana Haim, Danielle Haim and Este Haim as well as drummer Dash Hutton. Already they have signed to Polydor Records, they had embarked on a jaunt around the UK earlier this November as well as being the main support for the Florence + The Machine tour. The style of the music that they sing is Folkish and it sounded amazing. What was showcased was a mixture of new material and songs which featured on the Forever EP. I arrived at 4pm only for the majority of people to turn up around 6ish. The doors opened a little later that the 7pm which was advertised on the ticket but when they did it was a dash up to the 4th floor (6 flights of stairs) to get to the venue Tutus. Now I could have had just waited for the lift but that has a tendency of being temperamental.

Fresh from having supported Marina and the Diamonds last month, Foxes showcased 7 stunning songs at KCLSU. Even though the name Foxes gives you the allusion they are a band in fact Foxes is one person and this being Louisa Rose Allen. At the moment she only has 3 releases to her name and this being Youth/ Home 7”, the Warrior EP and the current single Echo. It was Beauty Queen which kicked off proceedings. From this song I picked up on a bubble gum pop vibe which worked wonders. Beauty Queen was a breezy gentle tune with infectious lyrics. I could see traces of both Florence and Marina. “Hey guys, I’m Foxes” Louisa said before White Coats. This tune was actually played on Made In Chelsea. White Coats was full of electro pop goodness and my favourite part had to be the entrancing chorus. Night Owls Early Birds was immediately played straight after. Now this song is rather promising with sublime verses and a powerful chorus. This track definitely has to be on the album. “Whose excited for Haim? This is a slow one” Allen then mentioned to the audience before the enchanting Home. As the pace had slowed down it sounded like a ballad. Home was a smooth song and it showcased Allen’s impressive vocal range. When the song progresses the better it got. Home sent shivers up my spine. Warrior was up next. This has to be my favourite Foxes song. It was infectious and very sleek with superb verses which was delivered at a gentle pace. The recently released Echo was immediately played after. This tune was delivered impeccably and had lyrics which were instantly infectious. “This is the last song tonight guys. Thanks for having us” Louisa said before rounding off the excellent short set with Youth.


Beauty Queen
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds

It was around 9.55 siblings Haim took to the stage. Now I was rather looking forward to the set and they never failed to impress. Things opened up with oldie Better Off which featured on the Forever EP earlier this year. At first it started off as an a capella before the drum kicked in. The vocals were sweet and the chorus was smooth and utterly contagious. Better Off was actually hypnotic and the harmonising was spot on. The Wire then followed on straight after. This was an epic song which sounded phenomenal. There was a rock vibe to it with addition of excellent vocals which were delivered to perfection. I really liked the melody of this tune plus its infectious verses/ chorus. “Hello London. How the fuck are you feeling London?” Este Haim then said to the sold out crowd. “Can I tell you that I’ve really been waiting for the show all tour” Alana then said to plenty of cheers. “There’s some sexy ass bitches in London” Este then went onto say.

It was onto Honey And I. This was song which had excellent harmonies and its opening reminded me of Remember When by Irish band Heathers. This number was stunning and it makes me look forward to more material by them. I also found its lyrics utterly contagious. Falling then followed on. This is a rather promising song which was delivered at a smooth pace. Vocally it was extremely powerful. My favourite part had to be its upbeat chorus. “This is the part of the show where we like to jam. Alana Haim in her Baby Haim shorts. How uncomfortable is it as an older sister to watch your 20 year old baby sister prance around in booty shorts? Someone just please take care of her” Este Haim then pleaded to the audience. It was then onto Fleetwood Mac cover Oh Well. This riff heavy song saw Alana Haim take the lead for its incredible short verses. Haim definitely put there own stamp onto this song.  “I think it’s time to slow it down a little bit” Danielle then mentioned to the audience.

“When we say slow it down we mean to go a little slower” Alana went onto say. “This is some excuse to make out with the girl next to you. Why do you make out to fast songs, that’s really awkward. I was giving you an opportunity. I get to sing this one so you better fucking listen” Este then added. It was then onto Go Slow. This was a mellowing song which sounded entrancing. Each of the girls take lead for parts of the song. The harmonies were luscious.  “Alright we’re going to try a new one right now. We’ve just released it actually” Danielle then said before they launched into a brand new Haim track and this being Don’t Save Me. “Please help us sing along. It’s not a joke. Please help, for the love of Christ. Please” Este then said before Danielle started singing. This song excites me greatly, it was delivered at a fast pace and its infectious lyrics gelled to the melody perfectly. “I think this next song is kind of the reason why we’re here. This is amazing. Thank you guys so much for coming” Danielle went onto say before Forever. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. “You are so cool. I think my life just changed. I think life will never be the same after this” Este said before mentioning that she hopes London will get a 2nd date. The evening came to a close with Let Me Go. This was one epic song which was exciting. Nearing the end the 3 sisters took to the drums and delivered a stunning performance of this song.


Better Off
The Wire
Honey And I
Oh Well
Don’t Save Me
Let Me Go

OVERALL: This was one stunning night with 2 tremendous acts. Foxes have the potential of going really far as the bubble gum pop songs which were showcased were right up my street. I look forward to the album when it is released and I will be keeping my eye out for the next Foxes gig.

Secondly you had Death At Sea. They were a talented band but not my cup of tea as the bands songs were to heavy for me.

As for headliners Haim. They basically cannot go wrong. 9 songs may of only been showcased but they played for almost 50 minutes. This is a band who have the potential to be massive and I reckon the support slot on the sold out Florence and the Machine tour will benefit them. As for what was showcased all I can say is WOW. This was Folk Rock at its best and it makes me look forward to when the début album is released.


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