Gaggle @ Electrowerkz 8th November 2012

Lysistrata was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see inside and join the ranks of a feminist terrorist training camp. Electrowerkz was the choice of venue for this spectacular and unique performance. I had previously attended the Gaggle play at Village Underground earlier this year and when this was announced it is something I booked straight away. I got to the venue around 5pm as I wanted to know exactly where it was then I just waited around till when the door did open. Earlier on in the afternoon I had an email stating to arrive at 7pm because the performance would start straight away.

Once the time came everyone started to trickle in and they were each given a coloured wristband. Initially I thought this band could be for the bar which was upstairs but that wasn’t the case. Around 7.40 the evening started off with all the Gaggle’s taking to the stage for a song which served as an introduction to this extraordinary night. I must say the way all the girls harmonise is completely spine tingling. They are an all women choir which makes them stand out compared to anyone else in the music industry. After this short song I then turned around to see the introduction video.

Once over an Icelandic Rock band played a couple of songs then after was the thing that made the evening truly unique. Everyone who entered the venue got a colour wristband. There were 3 altogether which then resulted in everyone being divided up and going to different parts of the venue. All the people with white wristbands made their way to the Parliament at the back of the room. In Parliament there were 8 Gaggle members and Lysistrata who was sitting in the middle of them. After a short speech it was then onto some music. They sing 2 songs first being Happy Is The Country. This number itself was rather energetic. The song itself may only consist of very few lyrics (Happy is the country that has no history & Man for himself and the devil take the hindmost) but it was simply incredible. What I liked was that this was an a capella, the vocals were both stunning and powerful. It was then onto a take of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs which was upbeat and delivered to perfection.

It was then off to another room. Once inside there were a few tents plus a bank. Each of the tents contained a member of Gaggle. The first song up was Power Of Money which was again very upbeat. This was a strong song which had incredible lyrics which basically says they hate the power of money. After each member held up a flame for the next tune and this being Leave The City. I actually found the melody to this song to be slightly eerie. In this song they mention that they want to leave the city and how they have no place to go. This section ended with single Army Of Birds. The beat of this song was fantastic and it just makes you want to dance along to it. Its lyrics were sublime and the melody was infectious.

The final part of the white band tour took us to a red lit attic. Laid out was a bed and there was also a harpist in the corner of the room. It was then onto an Untitled Track which was sang to perfect choreography by Bob and Barbara (2 actors) who were getting ready for bed. At the end Lysistrata reveals that Barbara is on a sex strike. I actually really liked this tune. Gaslight was very up tempo and had memorable lyrics which fitted perfectly with the melody. Lyrically this number had been crafted perfectly. Lullaby ended this section. Now I adore this song, it was so soft and gentle. Its title fits just right it felt like a lullaby which sounded fantastic. This tune was rather enchanting.

The evening then ended with the whole of Gaggle coming together for an excellent finale. Songs which were sung included Happy Is The Country, Gaslight, Power Of Money, Army Of Birds and they ended with Leave The City.


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