Hot Feet – Wood House EP (PREVIEW)

A new band that I have been listening to for the past month are 4 piece band Hot Feet. Hot Feet are Marianne Parrish, Jack Page, Rob Pemberton and Lachlan McLellan.

If you are a fan of folk music then this band is for you. They have also played as support to good friend Lucy Rose, plus King Charles, Kyla La Grange and Alessi’s Ark amongst others. 14th November sees the release of the Wood House EP. Now I have heard an advance of this phenomenal 5 track EP ahead of the launch at London’s The Wilmington Arms.

Wood House was written in a small cabin on the northeast coast of Sweden and recorded in a remote studio in the Scottish Highlands, only accessible by boat. The five songs are set, however, in the Cotswolds where Marianne (vocals) tends to goats and sheep when she’s not playing music, and Lachlan (bass) builds dry stonewalls.

The band draw together a range of musical influences including delta blues, sixties folk and world rhythms. Clamorous in places, delicate in others; sometimes offering raucous, earthy uproar and a wistful, yearning narrative within the same song.

This EP ranges from stomping gallops to tender ballads, and has been lovingly and impressively produced by Pete Roe, longtime sideman of Laura Marling and a gifted songwriter in his own right.

Wood House is the track which is the opening track. This song was the perfect blend of folk and rock. From the first listen I can pick up on various different instruments (drums and guitar) and the fact the lead vocalist is Marianne. The beginning starts off smooth and gentle. There is something that sounded rather hypnotic about the vocals. As soon as it progressed the more stronger it became. I must say Parrish’s vocals are faultless and the harmonising was spot on.

Under October is the only song from the EP to be showcased from the bands Soundcloud page. This song is very folk and it was very soft and gentle. There was some impressive finger picking as well. Under October was an enchanting tune which sounds ever so beautiful.

Words Of The Water is different to Wood House and Under October. For starters it is upbeat and pacey as well. The vocals were sweet plus the harmonising blended superbly.

Pine Needle Blues is the penultimate song on this EP. I found this number to be rather impressive. Accompanying Marianne’s effortless vocals was the guitar and later the drums. On hearing this for the first time it reminded me of early Laura Marling when Alas I Cannot Swim was released.

The Woe Does Fade caps off this fantastic début EP. This was a guitar led sleek song which accompanied Parrish’s vocals to perfection.


12/11/12 – The Angel – Woodbridge
14/11/12 – The Wilmington Arms – London
23/11/12 – Caboose – Ramsgate
26/11/12 – The Green Door Store – Brighton
29/11/12 – The Gallimaufry – Bristol
10/12/12 – Holy Trinity Church w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Leeds
11/12/12 – Theta w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Ipswich
12/12/12 – The Wilmington Arms w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – London
13/12/12 – The Grain Barge w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Bristol
14/12/12 – SVA w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Stroud
16/12/12 – The Castle w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Manchester
18/12/12 – The Cookie Jar w/ Pete Roe/ Sam Brookes + Emily + The Woods – Leicester
21/12/12 – The Brunel Goods Shed – Stroud

Pine Needle Blues from Hot Feet on Vimeo.


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