Kate Nash @ Hackney Attic 31st October 2012

At the beginning of October Kate Nash announced 2 low key shows in London. The 1st was taking place on Halloween at Hackney Picturehouse and the 2nd was at the Shacklewell Arms the day after. Originally I booked for the 2nd night then decided to book the 1st later. Considering these shows were taking place at venues with a low capacity I was expecting an immediate sell out. Days later it was announced the Halloween show would be extremely special and an one off event which will never be repeated again. This was going to be a show covering songs from the musical episode of Cult Classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

November 6th 2001 saw the 7th episode of the 6th season Once More With Feeling being broadcast on American network UPN. This was the first TV show of its kind to tackle a musical episode. The reason Kate decided to base this show on Once More With Feeling because along with Emmy The Great it was one of their dreams to sing the soundtrack to this episode.

The day came and I decided to get there at 4pm. I had never attended the Hackney Picturehouse before and I wanted to be sure where I needed to go. When I had got there only 4 other eager Kate fans were already there. Fast forward 4 hours people were then let through to make their way up to Hackney Attic. Once there everyone needed to wait as the doors hadn’t opened. Something that irked me was the fact when the door did open the person took ages to find my name on the list (I had a print out ticket you see). By this time people with physical tickets were passing me while I was waiting to be crossed off the list. Once inside I saw that there were seats at the front. The most annoying part was the fact that the front was taken (there were 7 seats in a row and even though I was one of the 1st there the hold up cost me from being front row).

Things kicked off around 9.10pm with an introduction from the one and only Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon). “Good evening” Nash said the moment they had all graced the stage. It then kicked off with an electric short version of the opening theme then followed by the overture. Kate Nash had blonde hair and was wearing a cheerleader outfit accompanied by Wooden Stakes and Holy Water to look like Buffy Summers. Emmy had red hair and she was Willow for the evening. This musical gig started with Going Through The Motions. Kate sang this tune with Emmy harmonising. I must say this was word perfect and it was played at a fast pace. I’ve Got A Theory came straight after. It was Emmy that got to channel her rock side with Anya’s bunny solo. This was a luscious song with a mellow side. I especially liked the If We’re Together part of this tune. “What’s up Sunnydale” Emmy said to the audience. It was then onto Under You Spell which in the show was sung by Tara. I found this to be phenomenally delivered and it was really entrancing. Under You Spell had impressive harmonising plus it was a smooth song. “I love you Buffy” Emmy then said before Kate replied “And Willow”. Prior to this show it was I’ll Never Tell which I had been heavily thinking about. I wondered how was it going to be sung. As it is a Xander and Anya duet it has to have both male and female vocals, right? This was a duet between Kate Nash and Emmy The Great. Nash sang Xander’s parts while Emmy tackled Anya’s parts. Other than that their take on this was completely flawless. “This is the saddest song in the whole show” Emmy joked before they both sang the 2nd non song from the musical (The Mustard had been left out). It was then onto The Parking Ticket which was extremely short and was delivered as an a capella. Straight after it was onto Rest In Peace which was sung by Luis Felber from the band Shuga. Felber was wearing a long black leather jacket and he did a great job with this song. In all honesty it was the weakest on the night. Parts were fantastic while other parts weren’t word perfect. I enjoyed Luis’s take on it but being such a massive fan of the musical I have to speak the truth. What You Feel was rather impressive. This song was originally sung by Hinton Battle who portrayed Sweet the broadway demon Xander Harris summoned. The guy singing it was impressive. He was wearing a suit, bow tie and his face was painted red plus he had horns. The harmonising was spot on and this performance of What You Feel was rather passionate. Standing was next and I found it to be rather emotional. Maybe it was the fact that I clearly remember what happened in the episode. This was a Giles song which both Kate and Emmy spectacularly sang. Under Your Spell/ Standing (Reprise) was next up. Standing was such an infectious tune and also both Nash and Emmy sang different parts of the song at the same time which was literally incredible. “This is like my favourite one” Kate then said before getting stuck into Walk Through The Fire. The verses to this track are simply amazing. It is actually an epic song. Something To Sing About was the penultimate song from the soundtrack. It is also known as Life’s A Show and this gig was a show. This number was sung to perfection and towards the end the song had a furious pace. “I’m really bummed out, it’s the end” Nash then said before Emmy replied with “It can’t be the end. We should watch the whole episode”. Things ended with Where Do We Go From Here which was extremely beautiful. The Buffy Theme then ended an incredible evening. This was simply tremendous it was like this evening had its own closing credits.


Going Through The Motions
I’ve Got A Theory
Under Your Spell
I’ll Never Tell
The Parking Ticket
Rest In Peace
What You Feel
Under Your Spell/ Standing (Reprise)
Walk Through The Fire
Something To Sing About
Where Do We Go From Here
Buffy Theme

After a lot of cheers the show was over and Once More With Feeling was projected onto the screen. Once the show finished with the final song Where Do We Go From Here they then all came back onto the stage to sing a couple more songs. By this time quite a few people had left after they thought that the evening was over when they started to show the classic Buffy episode. “If you noticed most of the songs that are being played right now are what was played in The Bronze” Kate then said while Michelle Branch’s Goodbye To You was playing (that song featured in the next episode Tabula Rasa). The 2nd set kicked off with Going Through The Motions and this was backed with I’ve Got A Theory. At this time everyone had got off their seat and moved closer to the stage. “If you know the words just fucking go for it. When is this going to happen again, you never know” Kate then said before the lovely Walk Through The Fire. This along with all the other songs on the night were utterly infectious. The curtain then came down on the Buffy Theme.


Going Through The Motions
I’ve Got A Theory
Walk Through The Fire
Buffy Theme

OVERALL: This was one spectacular evening. I thoroughly enjoyed this unique gig and I am over the moon that I was one of the lucky ones who snapped up a ticket for this event. Putting on a show covering songs from a show with such a cult following is always a risky thing. But Kate completely pulled it out of the bag.

Other than the musical I liked the fact that everyone stayed to watch Once More With Feeling.

Before the actual gig I would of said this would have been a one off and will never be repeated again. But judging from the coverage Nash has been getting now it is all over makes me think it could well be an annual occurrence.


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