Spector @ Concorde 2 25th October 2012

Spector are a five-piece indie rock band from London,which comprise of Frederick Macpherson (vocals), Christopher Burman (guitar), Thomas Shickle (bass), Jed Cullen (synth, guitar) and Danny Blandy (drums). The album backing this tour was début stunner Enjoy It While It Lasts. I have seen them live on quite a few occasions and I have enjoyed every single second. Plus Fred’s banter is classic. The month long Enjoy It While It Lasts tour saw the band play at 23 different venues. It started off at Glasgow’s Oran Moor and ended a month later at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The date I chose was Concorde 2 in Brighton. Yes I would of loved to have gone to the London date but with the fact only seating was available (who would want to be seating at a Spector gig?) I chose the next best thing.

“What’s happening Brighton?” Macpherson said to the crowd when they all took to the stage at 9.45pm. What opened up the set was the pleasing and powerful Twenty Nothing. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had a powerful chorus. I really liked the middle 8 when the melody of the song changed. “How’s everyone doing? How you doing down at the front? How you doing down at the back? Concorde 2. Maybe next year we’ll be playing Concorde 1. We’ll see. What about this, what about another song by us for you. On this beautiful Thursday night down here by the ocean” Fred then mentioned before Grey Shirt & Tie. This tune was played at a steady pace and it was in fact the last of the trilogy of singles on Luv Luv Luv. Grey Shirt & Tie was a dreamy track with a mesmerising melody which worked wonders.“What a wonderful audience. On the way up here Tom Shickle was telling me he thought the Brighton crowd was going to be rubbish. I know that’s what I said” Macpherson mentioned before everyone booed. “But it looks like you really know a thing or two about enjoying live music. It’s great to see a few old faces here tonight. I’m talking about our manager, Chris, I’m joking. Who heard our record? Who bought our CD? There’s more people in this room with their hands up than there were record sales” Macpherson said before True Love (For Now). This was a pleasing tune and had everyone joining in. At first it started smooth and Fred’s vocals were accompanied by the keys. Then the rest of the band came in to give this number that extra edge and making it rather pacey. I liked the powerful chorus. “You’re going to have to transport yourself 24 hours into the future and imagine it’s Friday night and it’s never, ever, ever, ever going to end” Macpherson mentioned to the crowd before going straight into the latest single Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End. This was an energetic tune which Macpherson delivered to perfection. Friday Night was utterly contagious and the verses were amazing plus there was a chorus which was literally belted out. Lay Low was played straight after. The tempo had been taken down a notch or two making this a sleek swooning number which was extremely light. “I don’t know if that song was what you wanted. But this one definitely is” Fred said cleverly referencing the next song and this being What You Wanted. I found this to be both energetic plus it was delivered at a rampant pace. “Yes Brighton, wow. What a wonderful city. You have had some discrepancy over the lack of Cathedral in Brighton. Making your city status questionable. Genuinely though city or not, it’s such a pleasure to be able to come and play you more songs that we now know how to learn” Fred said before a brief sing along of the chorus. It was then onto No Adventure. This was extremely different in style compared to the other tracks that had been played. Still I enjoyed it especially its chorus which everyone joined in with. Celestine was next up. This had smooth verses and a chorus which was packed with a punch. It was an infectious number and was delivered at a furious pace. “It’s gone to a point in the set where we’re going to have to share something with you. A moment, a thought, a feeling, an emotion. Whose ever been in love before? At least 6 of you. How did it end. Well? Badly? Did your heart get broken? Still going. Not for long my friend. I don’t want to see any tears in the audience tonight Brighton” Macpherson said before Grim Reefer. This was a gentle slow paced track which sounded phenomenal live. “Whose ready to turn up the tempo?” Fred then said before Chevy Thunder. The crowd literally went crazy for this high octane gem. As well as being utterly infectious plenty of energy flowed from this powerful song. “Any Dido fans in the house tonight? Well without further ado I would like to invite a special guest to the stage. Ladies and Gentlemen make some noise for Dido. Can someone help me lift this mic stand? It’s a bit stuck. I was trying to buy time with the Dido joke. The saddest moment of any gig has come Brighton. Not talking about the results from the sexual health clinic. I’m talking about of course the moment we say goodbye. I wanted to stay for ages. The promoter at the side of the stage says Get Off, you lied about Dido and you’re lying now. But I tell you what we’re not going to lie with this tune. We’ve taken you on a journey today through 11 songs and this is the last track on our album and the last track we’re going to be sharing with you tonight” Macpherson mentioned to the audience before capping it off with the swooning Never Fade Away.


Twenty Nothing
Grey Shirt & Tie
True Love (For Now)
Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End
Lay Low
What You Wanted
No Adventure
Grim Reefer
Chevy Thunder
Never Fade Away

OVERALL: Spector are a band that are right up my street. First of all debut album Enjoy It While It Last is a right cracker and secondly Fred is rather witty and he will leave you in stitches.

What was performed was the whole album apart from Upset Boulevard. As for the supports the 2 sets played were rather enjoyable. Supporting were Swim Deep and Splashh. Out these 2 bands I preferred Swim Deep.


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