Foxes @ Madame JoJo’s 23rd October 2012

Fresh from having supported Marina and the Diamonds, Foxes showcased 7 stunning songs at Soho’s Madame JoJo’s. Unfortunately after missing them at HMV Forum I was rather looking forward to seeing Foxes play a headline slot. I say headline slot because they were the last band on but I am guessing what was showcased is what is performed during Foxes support slots. Even though the name Foxes gives you the allusion they are a band in fact Foxes is one person and this being Louisa Rose Allen. At the moment she only has 3 releases to her name and this being Youth/ Home 7”, the Warrior EP and the forthcoming single Echo.

“Hello, I’m Foxes” Allen said the moment she graces the stage. It was Beauty Queen which kicked off proceedings. This was the first time I heard material by Foxes. From this song I picked up on a bubble gum pop vibe which worked wonders. Beauty Queen was a breezy gentle tune with infectious lyrics. White Coats was next and this song got the cheers. It actually was played on Made In Chelsea. This track was full of electro pop goodness and it was no surprise that people were singing along to it. My favourite part had to be the entrancing chorus. Straight after it was onto something brand new and this being Night Owls Early Birds. Now this song is rather promising with sublime verses and a powerful chorus. This track definitely has to be on the album. “This is a bit of a slow song” Louisa said introducing the next number as Home. As the pace had slowed down it sounded like a ballad. Home was a smooth song and it showcased Allen’s impressive vocal range. As the song progresses the better it gets. Warrior was up next. This has to be my favourite Foxes song that had been showcased this even. It was infectious and very sleek with superb verses which was delivered at a gentle pace. Echo got the cheers as this is the forthcoming single. This was delivered impeccably and had catchy lyrics which makes it instantly unforgettable. “OK, this is the last one tonight guys, you’ve been a great crowd” Allen then said before capping off the spectacular night with Youth.


Beauty Queen
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds

OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed this evening witnessing an act who has massive potential to be huge. Each song showcased was pure perfection and my favourite had to be White Coats.

If you get the chance check Foxes out. I am looking forward to the album when that is released.


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