Tanya Lacey @ Apartment 58 18th October 2012

The prior week Tanya Lacey mentioned on Facebook that she would be performing at Apartment 58 and there was a limited guest list. As I really enjoyed what was performed back when I saw her open for Labrinth back in February I sent an email straight away. Once I had reached Apartment 58 I then had to wait around before Tanya’s set. Before she played there was a short set by Jackie D Williams. It is a shame he had to endure people talking throughout his set. Once he had finished it was onto Lacey straight away.

“My name is Tanya Lacey and tonight I’ll be dropping a few of my own handwritten tracks. Some of them will be on my upcoming EP called Head Chef which drops on the 22nd October. It is available to pre order right now. So if you like what you hear, go get online” Lacey said before opening with debut single Letter To My Ex. This infectious tune was a mixture of R&B and Hip Hop which worked wonders. This was an upbeat song with fantastic verses and a punchy memorable chorus where Tanya says that she is going to be a star. Any Anyway started as an a capella which sounded incredible. This song was very pop and was very upbeat at the same time. Also the lyrics were infectious as well. Any Anyway also showcased Lacey’s phenomenal rapping skills. “The next track I’m going to do for you is a mash up between 2 tracks that I co wrote. One track I featured on with an amazing talented guy called Loick Essien and the 2nd track, is a track I co wrote for Will.I.Am, J.Lo and Mick Jagger. It goes a little something like this” Tanya then said before How We Roll/ T.H.E. It was first onto How We Roll and this was a mixture of R&B and Reggae. I really liked the chorus to this tune. The song then morphed into T.H.E (The Hardest Ever) and Lacey’s rapping skills came to the forefront again. “You guys are amazing. Greatness is what we’re all striving for, Greatness is the title track of the song I released with Kano” Tanya mentioned to the audience before launching into Greatness which is also the opening track on the Head Chef EP. This was Tanya’s own version of this song. I found Greatness to be rather upbeat plus the luscious lyrics were rather infectious. Too Many Cooks is the latest single and it is a mixture of R&B and Rap. This song was rather impressive and it is one that can easily get you moving. “Oh my gosh, this set has gone so quickly. This is like my last song for tonight. So this song is called Stop Start. Basically it’s about my experience of going to raves where the DJ constantly talks over the record” Tanya said before ending with Stop Start. This tune had a drum and bass to it. Stop Start was a strong song which capped off an incredible evening.


Letter To My Ex
Any Anyway
How We Roll/ T.H.E
Too Many Cooks
Stop Start

OVERALL: Tanya Lacey is a talented singer/ songwriter and the set I witnessed proved just that. I would definitely see her perform live again considering I enjoyed the 6 songs that had been showcased.


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