Loverproof @ Inamo 13th October 2012

After having attended the instore at Ted Baker it was then down to Inamo. It is not that often I get a double dosage of one artist in the same day but Loverproof is an exception because I see a bright future for her. Inamo looked like a post Oriental restaurant. Once I got there I went inside and waited around the bar area where it was set to happen.

Having witnessed Loverproof earlier on it was nice to see that I was set to witness something different. Now Loverproof is one person Ciara Haidar but the gigs can either be solo or they could feature someone on drums and bass guitar. When they all arrived Haidar understandably said she would like to perform just by herself as there had been problems throughout the set that they played at Ted Baker.

What was played was mainly the same as the performance earlier on in the afternoon. Things kicked off with the slightly emotional spine tingling Dalston Savage which then led into Black and Blue which itself was really infectious. Drinking To Forget was a brand new song which I heard for the first time at Ted Baker. I really liked this steady paced tune and it had smooth lyrics. Yes the lyrical may be a little dark as it is mentioning about drinking to forget. After it was then onto two brand new songs the first is currently Untitled and I found it to be rather beautiful and mellow. I for one will be looking out for the mastered version of this tune. These Days sounded a lot more punchy. The lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. 1991 ended the spectacular 6 track set. I rather liked the dark lyrical content.


Dalston Savage
Black and Blue
Drinking To Forget
These Days

OVERALL: My fascination with Loverproof stems back to when I saw them play at the Camden Crawl this year. I was captivated so much back then with songs such as Learning About Us, See The Light and The River. That day I remember I was at The Wheelbarrow to see Shuga who played after Loverproof. Ciara Haidar is one talented individual who has a number of amazing songs under her belt. It makes me look forward to the day those songs are released physically/ digitally.


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