Kyla La Grange @ Scala 9th October 2012

Embarking on a 6 date jaunt of the UK was Watford born singer/ songwriter Kyla La Grange. I have been a fan of hers for a while and I wanted to attend the I Blame Coco headline show at Scala back in 2010 as La Grange supported. The first time I witnessed her was at The Great Escape back in 2011 at clothes shop Beyond Retro. Since then I have been a follower of her music ever since then. July 2012 saw the release of début album Ashes which is literally a masterpiece and consisted of 11 (+1 hidden track) which had been perfectly crafted.

Scala was the biggest Kyla headline show to date and it had that intimate feel to it considering there was no photo pit. I was outside the venue around 4pm and it came as no surprise that I was the first one there. Other than La Grange I was really looking forward to Sons & Lovers as I have heard positive things about them. When the doors finally did open it was then a short wait before this band warmed up the audience. I really enjoyed the short set that Sons & Lovers played and the thought of owning an album by these guys excites me. Songs that featured included King and Set My Heart which both features on their YouTube page. I will most definitely see them perform live in the future. The band which followed them were Story Books.

Taking to the stage around 9.50pm was Kyla La Grange. The way the stage had been decorated was amazing. It truly looked like a forest. Woke Up Dead was the song which was the opener. La Grange took to the stage bare footed and wearing a black dress. This spellbinding song set the tone for this evening. Woke Up Dead was a heavy tune which was delivered to perfection. Immediately after it was then onto Walk Through Walls B side Courage. Now I really liked this song first it had verses which showcased La Grange’s stunning/ distinctive vocals. Secondly the chorus was belted out and thirdly the harmonising was superb. Courage was delivered at a steady pace and the lyrics fitted perfectly with the melody.  “Hello. Wow, this is so cool. This is where we had our 1st ever proper gig as a band. We were supporting I Blame Coco. Some of you were there, I’m surprised you came back. We were terrible. We got offered that like after a week we just started playing together and it feels pretty amazing to come back” La Grange said before humbly thanking people for attending. “Also I apologise, I heard someone tweeted me. Apparently there are spiders falling from the twigs. So I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t plan When I collected them this morning from the woods stole/ burrowed. I didn’t expect there to be spiders” Kyla went onto say before going into the latest re released single and this being Been Better. This number had fantastic lyrics and a chorus which oozed bundles of energy. There was a folk vibe and it literally blew me away. Been Better captivated me from beginning to end.

“So the next song we’re going to play is my favourite song off of the album. It’s very sad” La Grange told the audience before To Be Torn. This was a beautiful haunting ballad which showcased La Grange’s impressive vocal range. This song gave me goosebumps. Her high pitched vocals sounded as she was channelling Kate Bush. Actually I found To Be Torn to be rather mellow. It was then onto upbeat début single Walk Through Walls which was a slice of sheer brilliance. There were echoes of Coco Sumner within her vocals. This was an upbeat with a chorus which was packed with a punch. The bluesy I Could Be followed immediately after. It was very upbeat and was delivered at a steady pace.  “The next song we’re going to play we used to play very loud and decided it was a bit much really and a bit melodramatic. Don’t get me wrong I like melodramatic, it’s my main thing” Kyla said before Heavy Stone. This version appears on Ashes as a reworked version. Heavy Stone is soft and soothing as well. The harmonising was outstanding and like To Be Torn it showcased La Grange’s startling vocal range.  “This is the end of our tour and tonight so far is the only night I haven’t made at least 5 horrendous jokes already by now. I’m waiting for one now just to pop out. It will just listen out for it. This song is actually a secret track on the album. I really like it. I wanted it to be a normal track but apparently that’s not possible. Here’s the secret track” Kyla mentioned before the whimsical Sympathy. The harmonising was amazing and the song was ever so powerful nearing the end. At the same time I found Sympathy to be rather soothing and hypnotic. “This song is a very old song. I wrote it when I was 19” La Grange said before launching into the pleasing Vampire Smile. Energy flowed from this steady paced number and Kyla literally belted it out. Lyrically this was a dark song when you carefully listen to it “But I’m A Vampire Smile You’ll Meet A Sticky End, And Here I’m Trying Not To Bite Your Neck, But It’s Beautiful And I’m Going To Get, So Drunk On You And Kill Your Friends”. Infused to the ending of Vampire Smile was Lambs. I picked up on an Irish feel and the lyrics were rather luscious and extremely sweet. “This is so quiet, you’re brilliant you’re the perfect balance of really loud and really quiet. It’s amazing. I’m very sad to say this is our last song” Kyla then said which resulted in plenty of groans. After Kyla’s impromptu speech of thank yous it was then onto the closing song of the evening and this being Catalyst. This was a quiet ballad which sounded amazing. Catalyst was delivered at a steady pace and was extremely soft/ mellowing at the same time. “We’re going to play a new song. Cos I’ve been playing the same songs for a while. We’re all quite excited about this one. I hope you like it” La Grange said the moment she returned to the stage. Lyssa was the song in question and it gets me very excited when the follow up album does come out. It was a lot different compared to the material that features on Ashes. Lyssa was a mellowing song and the lyrics gelled to the entrancing melody perfectly.


Woke Up Dead
Been Better
To Be Torn
Walk Through Walls
I Could Be
Heavy Stone
Vampire Smile



OVERALL: This was an impeccable night hosted by the talent Kyla La Grange. Supports were fantastic and Chivaree Circus kept the audience entertained throughout the change overs.

It was a pleasure to hear La Grange’s material live again. Every track sounded superb and Kyla’s vocals were spine tingling. Vampire Smile still goes down as my favourite Kyla La Grange song and the newie Lyssa is a close 2nd.

I look forward to the next tour. Maybe she will sing Ashes tracks You Let It Go and The River as well as more brand new material.


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