Emma Chitty @ The Victoria 17th October 2012

Dalston’s The Victoria played host to something special and this being a phenomenal evening that had been laid on by Freedom Spark. So on the night you had acts such as Heavy Waves, Nadine Shah and Shuga. Only this wasn’t really a Shuga set. It was just Emma Chitty who was to play her first ever solo show. I arrived at the pub around 7.30pm as I had been watching the postponed England v Poland match on TV. Once I reached there I saw that there were already 5 people there and the fact that the 1st band Heavy Waves had pulled out. This didn’t phase me in the slightest it just resulted in doors opening slightly later. The evening started with Nadine Shah who sang an impressive set then after a short changeover it was then onto a 1/3 of grunge pop group Shuga

“Everybody out there Shuga’s on” Chitty said so people in the bar could here. The set opened up with Farm. This is was a strange topic to write about. It’s about wanting to get away from everything and live on a farm. Actually this number is outstanding and it was delivered strongly at the same time. Farm was wonderful and I enjoyed the lyrics which were straight to the point. “Hi guys” Emma said before Tommy Don’t Worry. This was slow in pace and was delivered strongly. I really liked its laid back lyrics. “This is my first solo show” Emma informed the intimate audience before new song I’m On You. It was played at a steady pace and the lyrics were amazing. I look forward to the day I get to hear the full band version. “I’m going to do a couple on the bass” Chitty said when changing guitars. It was then onto The Darkness taken from the EP of the same name. Chitty was on bass for this song which made it slightly more powerful. Now I really liked The Darkness despite the melody resonating through my body. “I’m gonna do a couple more. You might recognise this one” Emma then went onto say. This being a cover of Bob Dylan’s She Belongs To Me. She put her mark of individuality onto this song. Ending the short set was another new song and this being Sweet Mama. Chitty put everything into this song making this a startling performance.


Tommy Don’t Worry
I’m On You
The Darkness
She Belongs To Me
Sweet Mama


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