Alpines @ The Lexington 11th October 2012

Alpines are a band that I adore. The two piece consist of both Robert “Bob” Matthews and Catherine Pockson plus the newest recruit for 2012 drummer Henry. Gigs by this talented group haven’t come that often this year. If I am right in thinking this was only the 9th Alpines gig in 2012 and 7th in London. Out of those 7 gigs I have attended 6 of them (it was in fact my 3rd in the space of a month). The Lexington show was their first ever headline show which sold out a month in advance. Plus it was also the launch night of the EP Early Hours which had been released the prior Monday. Now I had heard that 4 track EP when it was offered as a pay what you like back in late September and all of those songs were completely phenomenal.

After a set by Seasfire it was then onto Alpines who took to the stage around 9.30pm and they opened up with Odysseia. This was a sweet sounding song and Catherine’s vocals were strong/ spine tingling. This was a powerful performance which had incredible lyrics which gelled to the upbeat melody perfectly. This song could be referring to the ancient Greek poem The Odyssey (Odysseia) which is attributed to Homer. “Wow, what an amazing crowd. This is so special. This is our first ever headline and sold out show. So it’s amazing you’re here and sharing it with us” Pockson said before Cocoon. This had an infectious beat to it plus startling lyrics which captured Catherine’s vocals to perfection. My favourite part of this tune had to be the pacey chorus (I want you, More than I think you do, And I used to, Be blinded by you) while its verses were completely spectacular. After thanking Seasfire for supporting and Mia for DJ’ing it was then onto Drive. This song featured on the bands 1st release this being the Night Drive EP. It was Electro Pop (or Night Pop) which sounded amazing. Drive had been well crafted, it had smooth verses and a chorus which oozed plenty of energy. “So this next song is from the EP Early Hours which is why we’re here to launch it. So thank you so much. It’s a really special song for us and actually its been remixed by a very special producer” Pockson mentioned to the audience before getting stuck into a brand new track and this being Chances. Catherine’s vocals were ever so mesmerising/ delectable plus it was very chilled out.

“This is another 1st for us as well. This is Saviour, this is a newly revamped version of it and we get a lot of questions about Saviour because it was on an advert a while ago. Guys you’re the first to listen today” Pockson then told the audience. She also went onto mention how people ask when Saviour is being released as a single. Revamping such an incredible song is risky but I fell in love with this version instantaneously. Saviour was a smooth song and it was slightly pacey at the same time. The vocals were powerful plus it had an infectious beat to it. “So I asked for a smoke machine and I was expecting to be in like a cloud” Catherine joked before Empire. I would go as far to say out of all of the material I have heard Alpines have performed this has to be the show piece. This performance was just that. Pockson had a cracking pair of lungs and belted out this phenomenal song at ease. Straight after it was onto the beautiful Lights. This was a beautiful ballad which showcased Catherine’s formidable vocal range. Actually this track gave me the chills. When the drums kicked in that’s when Lights gained a lot of power. “This is our last song, its gone so fast” Pockson said before ending with Early Hours tune Got Me Wrong. This hypnotic song was up tempo and I adored the elegant infectious lyrics.


Got Me Wrong

OVERALL: Alpines are an incredible band who raise their game every time that I see them perform. Every track that they sung in this set were complete masterpieces and it makes me look forward to the forthcoming album which is scheduled to be released in March 2013. They whizzed through this set at ease or it could be down to the fact I really enjoyed myself.

I look forward to seeing them tour the upcoming album next year.


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