We Were Evergreen @ The Hope 6th October 2012

Headlining the night were Parisian trio We Were Evergreen. Their music is a blend of Indie and Pop which is a good combination. We Were Evergreen are Michael Liot, Fabienne Débarre, William Serfass and this was the 4th time I had seen them play live. At the moment they do not have an album to their name just the Flings EP.

The headline slot opened up with Penguins & Moonboots. This song was quirky and it was extremely uplifting as well. I loved the pacey verses and the lyrics gelled to the upbeat melody. “Good evening. How are you tonight?” Michael asked the intimate audience. It was then onto Leeway. The vocals were perfect plus it was a jolly song which was superbly delivered. “Thanks for this welcome. Our name is We Were Evergreen, it’s a great pleasure to be here tonight. This is our 1st time as headliners in this town. It’s our 1st UK headline tour” Liot then said before Eggs. The harmonising was spot on and the lyrics were sublime. Its lyrics are slightly regretful “It’s such a waste and I can’t make up for this”.

It was then straight onto Summer Flings. This was the 1st time I had heard this song being performed live and it had catchy hooks which I adored. “I recognise some of you from festivals. We’re going to do a song we haven’t played as much at festivals” Michael then said to the audience. Kilmore’s End was the song played and I found this to be rather soft and gentle. The harmonising was complete perfection making this song easy on the ear. “We’re going to do a new song now. It’s called Modern Age” Fabienne then informed the audience. Modern Age saw Liot on a ukulele and I found it more upbeat compared to the other songs that had been played prior to this song. It actually is really infectious and had uplifting lyrics which sounded stunning. Infused to the ending of Mordern Age was Baby Blue. This tune was about being an unknown gigging band doing the rounds of terrible venues in front of tiny crowds. Again harmonising played a part. The thing I liked about this band is you can easily dance along to every song and Baby Blue was one of them. “We’re going to continue with a song called Second Hand” Fabienne then mentioned to the intimate audience. “One, Two buckle my shoe” Liot said before diving straight into Second Hand. This being a warm uplifting tune which had breezy lyrics which were phenomenally delivered. Nearing the end Michael showcased his trumpet playing skills. “This is us trying to push new music forward” Liot said before launching into another song and this being Eighteen. Débarre took to the lead for this while Liot played his trumpet and harmonised. I found Fabienne’s vocals to be both sweet and entrancing. This number was soft, delivered at a steady pace and had outstanding verses. Débarre also played the harmonica. It was then straight onto a cover and this being Nightcall which was originally sung by Kavinsky. This was short and sweet. The vocals were flawless and they made this song their own. It’s lyrics were amazing. “Thank you so much, this is going to be our last song” Fabienne said before they ended with Vintage Car.


Penguins & Moonboots
Summer Fling
Kilmore’s End
Modern Age
Baby Blue
Second Hand
Vintage Car

OVERALL: We Were Evergreen are a cheery band you cannot help but fall in love with. I enjoyed this evening and I would most definitely see them live again. I anticipate the album after brand new songs such as Eighteen and Modern Age were outstanding.


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