Lisa Marie Presley @ Bush Hall 4th October 2012

The intimate Bush Hall played host to Lisa Marie Presley’s first ever gig in the UK. This gig was announced a week before and the short notice was probably the reason why it hadn’t sold out on the day. I mainly booked a ticket on name alone and listened to her music after. I fell in love with album Storm & Grace straight away and it had a Country/ Roots feel to each track. Well Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of The King the late Elvis Presley plus she was married to Michael Jackson.

Lisa took to the stage at 9.30pm and opened up with So Long. This along with many of the songs performed were taken from the 3rd LP Storm & Grace. The style of Presley’s music was a combination of Country and Rock. So Long was played at a steady pace and it showcased Presley’s vocals perfectly. “Thank you for being at my 1st show here. Thank you for having me in your country” Presley said before revealing that she had a cold. It was then onto the smouldering Over Me. I really liked the melody of this song which had a slight infectious beat to it. “This next song I wrote with the amazing Richard Hawley and it’s the first song I wrote” Lisa Marie said before Weary. I found this tune to be rather soothing and entrancing at the same time. “Have you heard this record? It’s coming out soon” Presley then said. Even though it is set to be released on 15th October most of the Lisa Marie fans purchased it via import when it was released in the States in May. The vocal tone had been lowered, and like Over Me You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet was yet another smouldering song. Edward Harcourt then joined Lisa Marie for Soften The Blows which he co wrote. “We wrote this song and he forgot. It’s a good thing. You’re talented. You don’t remember” Lisa Marie then joked. This was a lovely duet between both artists. Lisa Marie’s vocals were strong and very rich. The combination of both artists worked wonders. Presley then introduced her talented band who were dressed in black wearing top hats. It was then onto a song not well rehearsed and this being Forgiving. This song was delivered to perfection and without a hitch. This tune sounded different from the others because it felt slightly uplifting/ infectious. It was then onto another tune that she wrote with Ed Harcourt. “Feel free to sing along with me” Presley said before Storm Of Nails. The vocals were powerful yet smoky. “I’m not very good at promoting myself, I’m rubbish at it” Lisa Marie said after saying that they performed Un-Break on Jools Holland at their request. The more times I hear this the more it grows on me. Un-Break was a steady paced song which was sung strongly. Once over it was then onto the final song of the evening which resulted in plenty of groans. “If you yell loudly we might come back on” Presley said before revealing she was really nervous as she booked this gig a week prior. It was then onto the last track written for the new album and this being the title track Storm And Grace which I found to be rather slick. After Lisa Marie left the stage only to return moments later as there was a rapturous applause asking for more. “So any of you familiar with the first 2 records? This song was a single off the 1st album” Presley said before launching into her debut single Lights Out which featured on the To Whom It May Concern LP. Once over each member of the band raised their shot glasses to the audience to the audience. They then had their shots of tequila and the band ended the stunning set with Tom Petty cover Need To Know.


So Long
Over Me
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Soften The Blows
Storm Of Nails
Storm And Grace


Lights Out
Need To Know

OVERALL: Lisa Marie Presley is one incredible individual backed by an outstanding band. I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and I count down the days until she next visits the UK. I can’t believe it was her 1st gig in this country. Supporting was Ed Harcourt who warmed up the audience with a stunning set which was amazing.


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