Rae Morris @ Cecil Sharp House 27th September 2012

Rae Morris is a talented singer songwriter from Blackpool. I first saw her open for Noah and the Whale earlier on in the year. From that very moment I relished witnessing her perform live again. When tickets went on sale for Cecil Sharp House I purchased one straight away based on the material I had previously heard. Currently signed to Atlantic Records Morris showcased material that will no doubt feature on the album whenever that is released.

“Hello” Rae Morris said the moment she took to the grand piano. What opened up the set was Back To Front. I found this number to be rather enchanting and the fact Rae played the piano while delivering this song strongly added something special. Back To Front was a sweet sounding song plus there was a Folk vibe to it. “How’s everyone doing? This is really overwhelming. Thank you so much for coming” Morris said engaging with the intimate audience. It was then onto Oldest Of New which has proved to be an internet favourite. The tune was delivered as a steady pace and was slightly spine tingling. “This is such a beautiful place to be. I can’t quite believe it” Rae then said before the whimsical Don’t Go. I found it to be extremely lovely plus it featured in the Channel 4 programme Skins. Next it was onto a brand new composition by Rae and this being Grow. This tune was sent out to fans whom had signed up to her mailing list. Now I rather liked this, it was delivered at a slow pace and her stunning vocals wee showcased perfectly.  The next part of the set was special and this was to be three songs with a string section. These were Day One followed by Hard To Forget then ending with Not Knowing. Each of these songs sounded superb with this extra addition. I actually founded these three songs mellowing/ soothing. “Is everyone OK? I feel like this is so special. I just feel like I want to give you all some money” Rae joked to the audience before Grounded. This was superbly delivered and Morris’s vocals were extremely powerful. “Tonight I haven’t got much to give you but I’ve got a poster. It’s not quite as exciting but I tried” Rae said before revealing her grandad Ray was a musician and she stole his sheet music. It was then onto the outstanding For You which featured on the EP of the same name. The String Quartet took to the stage for the final songs of the night and this consisted of This Life Of Mine and ended with Walls. I have to say This Life Of Mine has to go down as my favourite song by Rae Morris.  Rae then left the stage only to return moments later. She capped off the extraordinary night with Wait A While and this being the first song that she wrote.


Back To Front
Oldest Of New
Don’t Go
Day One
Hard To Forget
Not Knowing
For You
This Life Of Mine


Wait A While

OVERALL: I previously had seen Rae Morris open up for Noah and the Whale at Shepherd’s Bush Empire earlier on in the year. In all honestly back then it felt like she was out of place (by that I mean it was just her on a keyboard to a side of the massive Shepherd’s Bush Empire stage). Cecil Sharp House was the perfect choice of venue because they had a piano plus it was rather intimate. The material that she showcased was spectacular and it fits into the Folk genre perfectly. Having a string section worked wonders and it made those 5 songs really mesmerising. I look forward to the day when Morris comes to recording her début album.


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