Echo Lake @ The Lexington 1st October 2012

I have been a fan of Echo Lake since the day I purchased EP Young Silence on a whim last year. The band consisted of Thom Hill, Linda Jarvis, Kier and Steve. This night was the album launch party of Wild Peace. Even though the event was due to take place on 4th July to coincide with the release date of Wild Peace the bands drummer Pete Hayes sadly passed away. This then resulted with the promotional campaign being put on hold. Opening up the night was Ides (Alanna McArdle) who sang a fantastic solo set. She reminded me of an early EMA and I would definitely see her again in the future. Up next was Evans The Death who sang an impressive short 30 minute set.

Echo Lake opened up with Further Down which then turned into Another Day straight after. Further Down was delivered at a steady pace and Jarvis’s vocals were smooth but the combination of guitars and drums slightly overpowered them. As for the blissful Another Day. This tune had a frantic pace with the addition of Linda’s luscious vocals.  “We’re Echo Lake, thank you all for coming” Jarvis said to the tight audience before diving into the albums title track and this being Wild Peace. It actually sounded a lot different compared to the prior songs as there were no guitars. It was just keys, drums and Linda’s faultless vocals. It literally sounded rather gentle and entrancing at the same time. Wild Peace was then followed up by Buried At Sea.  Up next was the infectious Even The Blind which oozed plenty of Indie Rock plus it was mellowing at the same time. “We’ve got 2 songs left” Linda said to the audience before Last Song Of The Year. This guitar driven tune was again rather energetic.  In Dreams capped off a wonderful evening and it was also dedicated to Pete. This track featured on the début EP Young Silence. Echo Lake is shoe gaze/ dreamy pop which is the perfect combination. In Dreams didn’t disappoint. This number was up tempo and Linda’s vocals were both soothing and captivating at the same time.


Further Down
Another Day
Wild Peace
Buried At Sea
Even The Blind
Last Song Of The Year
In Dreams


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