Loverproof @ Ted Baker 13th October 2012

Classically trained Ciara Haidar is truly one talented performer and an incredible song writer. I first had the pleasure of witnessing Haidar on The Camden Crawl as she performed before Shuga at The Wheelbarrow. From that very moment I knew she had something special. Loverproof is the alias she goes by is an unsigned musician who has some cracking songs. Ciara has also been nominated in the MTV Brand New For 2013 Unsigned competition and in my eyes she has to win.

As part of City Showcase it was announced that Loverproof would be playing 2 intimate instores. The first stop was Ted Baker which was next to the Apple Store. Things started around 4.45pm. Accompanying Ciara Haidar were 2 other members on both bass guitar and drums. The short set opened up with Dalston Savage which was belted out. Ciara had phenomenal vocals and this song had been superbly written. It was rather spine tingling and I found it a tad emotional as well. Dalston Savage was delivered at a steady pace and it was delivered strongly. “Hi, my name’s Loverproof” Ciara said introducing herself to the audience that she was playing to. Black and Blue was next up and it started off with the drums then Haidar came in with her powerhouse vocals. The up tempo Black and Blue was very infectious and the superb lyrics gelled perfectly to its melody.  “I’m going to do another song for you solo” she then said before 1991. This song was delivered strongly and I rather liked the lyrical content. It was plain to see that Haidar puts everything into delivering a startling performance. A minute into 1991 Ciara pushed the microphone aside and belted this song out. Haidar has a cracking pair of lungs and sang this tune faultlessly. After plenty of applause it was then onto The River. This started off as a gentle song then it gains more power throughout. I found its lyrics to be rather smooth and infectious. “We’re going to do a couple more for you” Ciara mentioned to the audience before saying that she was going to stop using the microphone because it wasn’t making any difference. Learning About Us was rather upbeat and its verses were sublime. Ciara breezed through this song at ease and it is one that I adore. There was actually a calypso feel to this fantastic tune. It did feel as Ciara’s vocals were slightly drowned out because you had the combination of drums, bass and keys. “I’m going to do one more song for you and I’m just going to do it myself” Haidar then mentioned to the audience before Drinking To Forget. Now this was a short song which was breezed through at ease. I really liked the strong lyric content which makes you clearly picture what is happening in the song.


Dalston Savage
Black and Blue
The River
Learning About Us
Drinking To Forget


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