Charlotte Church @ Monto Water Rats 24th September 2012

She may have been that Crazy Chick with a Voice of an Angel but Welsh wonder Charlotte Church showcased brand new music. This stunning evening took place at the intimate Monto Water Rats which was one of the factors I purchased a ticket. I became a fan of Church’s music when she released her pop record Tissues & Issues back in 2005 whilst its follow up Back To Scratch failed to achieve the same success. It is now 2012 and Charlotte Church has recently released the ONE EP which is a slice of sheer brilliance. Even though 4 tracks feature Charlotte also showcased brand new material which will no doubt feature on future releases. Both sides of Church’s music were infused together. The songs were very Pop but then her Operatic vocals shone through.

Taking to the stage around 9.40, Charlotte Church made her mark with a double header of songs from the ONE EP. The set started off with The Rise and then Say It’s True then followed on. When I first heard the EP it was The Rise that grabbed my attention and just hearing it played live was really something. This song was rather rock with Charlotte’s stunning vocals added into the mix. There was then no time for applause as Church immediately launched into Say It’s True had lyrics which were extremely chilled out. “OK, Hi. Thank you very much for coming” Church said before launching into the rock tinged Mr. The News. I rather liked this song. Its lyrics were powerful and it is on that makes you want to move. This promising tune seems as if it could be classed as an anthem. “This is some Manuka Honey. Wow. That combo finished me off” Charlotte said after taking a swig of water whist just having had a spoonful of honey. Now Manuka Honey is a honey from New Zealand. It was then onto yet another brand spanking new song and this being Call It Off. I would have to say this was one of my favourite new songs showcased. At first Church’s vocals were rather strong when delivering the first few lines a capella. Then the band came in giving it that extra something. Charlotte’s strong operatic vocals come into play during this song resulting in something truly spine tingling. “How you doing tonight? The ladies on before me had some phenomenal voices” Charlotte said referring to A Blossom Fell who were to amazing for words. It was then onto Come To Me which was very rock with powerful lyrics which made it energetic. “I am knackered. I’m going to take the tempo down a little bit with this one” she then mentioned to everyone before getting stuck into Box. This was slower paced compared to the others and it sounded more relaxing.

How Not To Be Surprised When You’re A Ghost which is the lead single from the EP followed on and I found it to be both sleek and enchanting. “This is a song that I wrote after reading an article online. Didn’t really have much truth in it. Apart from reading the article in the Daily Mail online I also secretly decided to read all the comments and I was pissed off” Church then said before Judge From Afar and this was another of my favourite songs of the evening. The vocals were sweet and it made chills go up my spine. There is no doubt that Charlotte Church has got a cracking pair of lungs. “This song is one of my favourite songs to sing. I love this song” and this being Breach Of The Peace. I can see why this is Charlotte’s favourite song for starters it is adorable, the vocal performance is incredible and secondly it has infectious lyrics. “OK, so this one’s kinda about the music industry” Church then said before Beautiful Wreck which offered a cynical view of the industry. “Thank you very much for coming tonight. We’ve had a great time, you were a great audience. We’re going to leave you with a song this is kind of like a Disco track. I don’t do any encores. I feel like an asshole if I stand in the wings and just hope you all keep clapping. I genuinely don’t put myself through that mental anguish” Charlotte then said before wrapping up the evening with the danceable James.


The Rise
Say It’s True
Mr. The News
Call It Off
Come To Me
How Not To Be Surprised When You’re A Ghost
Judge From Afar
Breach Of The Peace
Beautiful Wreck

OVERALL: Now I rather liked the new direction Charlotte has taken. Each track performed was stunning and each have massive potential to be released physically. This was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing Charlotte live and I know it wont be the last.

A mention also goes to A Blossom Fell who were a talented band who grabbed my attention with the very first song they sang during their short set. I can safely say I will be seeing them live again in the future.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sarb says:

    A Blossom Fell were awesome. they’re playing again 19th Oct at the same venue. if you’ve not seen them go. they know how to work that place.

    1. Planet Music says:

      Already going which I am looking forward to. They are truly an amazing band.

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