Jessie J @ Under The Bridge 14th September 2012

Back in March Mastercard announced a priceless concert involving Jessie J. Free tickets were made in batches of 100 over the space of 4 days. The only catch being that you needed to have a Mastercard to claim these free tickets. So I then spoke to my friend who tried for tickets on behalf of both of us. This event was due to take place on 5th April and the location being Under The Bridge. So tickets went on the Priceless London website in batches and it came as no surprise the server went into meltdown. By sheer luck my friend scored 2 tickets which went on the website 10 minutes later. So April then came and I was looking forward to this special event. Due to something tragic happening at the Blackberry gig which Jessie performed at the show at Under The Bridge was postponed indefinitely.

When questioned about the rescheduled show the only answer given was the fact that they were working on it. It actually crossed my mind that it maybe shelved completely. An article I saw mentioned it would happen in June but Mastercard were quick to say there was no truth in this. In the end they didn’t disappoint and the date 14th September was set in stone. A week before the actual date Mastercard sent everyone with tickets 2 signed Jessie J Platinum Edition CDs along with 2 photos which was extremely nice. I think they sent out these goodies either because Visa got all the attention throughout the Olympics/ Paralympics. Or they were sent out as to say thank you for your patience while they rescheduled.

The day finally arrived and I was debating what time to turn up. I wanted to be barrier so turning up early was the most likely thing to do. Jessie’s fans are crazy when it comes to queuing and I wanted to be first in the queue because most people would of got 2 tickets (Say if 5 people were there when I got to the venue I would be the 9th person in). The previous evening I said to my friend I have a gut feeling that I was going to terribly misjudge the whole queuing thing. I arrived at Under The Bridge at 9am (now Under The Bridge was located at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge). It was a surprise that I was the first there as I would of expected some hardcore Jessie fans would of got their hands on a pair of tickets. The next person arrived around 3pm. Arriving this early was a double edge sword. Yes it would have been nice to arrive at 12ish but then I wouldn’t of had a tweet by Jessie herself.

It was around 11am I took to the net on my phone. I was bored by the fact no one was there so I took to twitter and tweeted Jessie and said “Stomp, Stomp, I’ve arrived at Under The Bridge. Been here since 9am and there is no one here”. It came as a complete surprise she retweeted and said Hello :). It is through that tweet that I met the next person that arrived. “They think it’s personal when I don’t retweet. But I got to break it to you I’ve got a life” Jessie said during the freestyle she did at the HMV Next Big Thing show at the Barfly last year (it was the day when Price Tag charted at #1).

Fast forward to 7pm and the doors open and people trickled into the venue. Every one was given a Priceless London T Shirt which flashed to the beat of the music. Once inside I realised there was no barrier so I went straight to the front. Also there was free food and drinks. Supporting was Angel only we didn’t get to see his set. The reason being that the compère of the evening read out a list of 7 names to meet Jessie backstage. So I was left completely speechless when my friends name was one of those 7. The only catch being that we had to vacate our spot at the front. Thankfully we made got chatting to people at the front of the queue outside who were happy to save our space.

After having briefly met Jessie my friend and I headed back to our places at the front. Fortunately we managed to get there no problems and what we were set to witness was a spectacle. It was around 9.10 when she burst onto the stage wearing a black sparkly outfit. What opened up this amazing set was debut song Do It Like A Dude. This fierce song was high octane which oozed bundles of energy. It came as no surprise that people were singing along to this infectious song. “I’m never ever this close to the audience any more. Tonight is so intimate and it’s so rare we get to do gigs like this any more. So I hope you guys enjoy it. Maybe at some point you’ll stop filming. Don’t you feel like you just want to watch it though? Cos I know that they’re filming it . There filming is probably going to be better than yours. I’m going to carry on singing now, that’s why I’m here” Jessica then said to the audience. I have witnessed Jessie on a number of occasions but this had to be the one that was was the most intimate. Yes I was fortunate to attend the 250 people Barfly show early in 2011 but a barrier divided the audience from the front of the stage. Here at Under The Bridge that wasn’t the case. It was then onto Who’s Laughing Now and this by far is my favourite song by Jessica Cornish. This contagious tune conveyed the message never give up your dreams. If someone puts you down then become more determined to achieve it. In the end when you achieve that dream then those people that doubted you will come crawling back. So alas the title of  Who’s Laughing Now. It was then straight onto Rainbow and this was a pleasing song as everyone sang along to it. This song was very smooth and catchy as well. Rainbow had fantastic lyrics. The line that stood out was “We’re the colours of the Rainbow”. Now if we could be a colour of the rainbow what colour would you be? “It’s so weird that I feel like some of these songs reflect my life now more than they did when I wrote them when I was like 18. And it’s so crazy like Rainbow. This might sound weird but I’m going to say it because that’s what I do, I don’t think. I’m an Aries. People treat me differently and I hate it. This next song. You know why I’m getting a bit reflective is because it’s the last few gigs I have of this album and I’m just reminding myself of the huge growth that I’ve had in the last 2 years as a person” Jessie said before Stand Up. I found this to be rather sleek and I see this as a ballad. I really adored the lyrics to this song and I especially liked the little sample of Bob Marley’s One Love.

Infused onto the ending of Rainbow was Casualty Of Love. This was an R&B ballad about inner strength which showcased both Jessie J’s powerhouse vocals and songwriting abilities. When I first heard Who You Are last year this was one of the songs that stood out but it has never been performed live. Just witnessing this beautiful track was extremely special. “So I read my book today for the first time. I have a book coming out on the 27th . It’s like a magazine as a book. It’s got loads of photos in it. I was reading a bit that I written about love. I think love is something that I’ve learnt to keep very private and very dear to my heart as it’s the one thing you deserve to have to yourself at all times” Jessie said before launching into her own take on Usher’s Climax. This take on this emotional number was extremely sleek and light. It showcased Jessie’s startling vocals to perfection. “I’m really sorry if I’m spitting on you guys. You no what I’m not a pretty singer we all know that. It’s so important to know that whatever you record you can take on stage and sing. I’m going to carry on singing. I’m going to look at my set list. I should really memorise this half with this being the 66th show we’ve done on this tour. But I still can’t remember it. I get excited and chat shit” Cornish said before moving onto Luther Vandross’s Never Too Much, which merged into her catchy album track Abracadabra. After it was then onto 2 parts of Nobody’s Perfect. The first was a ballad take on this stunning song. The tempo of Nobody’s Perfect had been slowed down and this version was simply spine tingling. I reckon Jessie excels at singing songs acoustically. Plenty of passion was put into this crowd pleasing number. Straight away it was then onto the full blown band version. Like Who’s Laughing Now this again conveyed that a message which was the fact nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own faults. This song had luscious lyrics you feel obliged to sing along to. “As some of you may or may not know I announced yesterday that in March next year I will be shaving my head Red Nose Day. It’s so important that when you have an opportunity in your life to have a light on you whatever way whether you’re a surgeon or a nursery teacher or a social worker or a singer. If you know the people that are listening to what you’re saying and you put it on things that need more attention People that don’t know me if you dare me to do something I will go and do it. That was a year ago. I know that a lot of people didn’t believe I was going to do it. A lot of people thought it was a PR stunt, I don’t do that shit. That’s not my style. If I say something then I do it. I’ve been waiting to be more famous, that may seem weird to some people. But I wasn’t going to do it unless I can raise shit loads of money. I’m so excited to be able to give back to the young people that I was once. This next song is about all of those moments where you sit by yourself, and I know every single person in this room has been there and you think you know what no one’s hearing my thoughts. This next song is kind of everything to me and I hope you guys enjoy it” Jessie then said also mentioning about Amy who was a sick brave young girl (who unfortunately lost her battele) who Cornish met when she was visiting a hospital. Amy then dared Jessie to shave her head. The song which followed was touching ballad Who You Are which she belted out at ease. “I need everyone to click like this” Cornish said before Mama Knows Best. Now this song which is a favourite of many fans has garnered over 1 million views on Youtube. The tune was very smooth and during it Jessie introduced the whole band. This performance of Mama Knows Best felt as if it was meant to be played in a Jazz club. “So next is a song, obviously. Before I sing this song I need to tell you about tonight. Tonight is obviously Mastercard. Thank you for having me Mastercard. And it’s also about doing a Priceless gig for someone with a fan. I’m going to do it with a lovely young lady called Sam who’s going to be singing Price Tag with me tonight. So I need you guys to be as warm and as receptive cos it’s scary stepping on stage 10 songs in. We’re going to start the song now and in the first part of the song you guys have to sing it to us as loud as you can. Is that alright?” Jessie said before diving straight into the infectious Price Tag. This take on this tune was different and it actually sounded really good. Now Samantha Neal won a competition to sing with Cornish earlier on in the year (Samantha even appeared in a Mastercard advert during this years Brit Awards). “This one’s for the fans. Thank you so much” Jessica then said before Laserlight. This song has actually grown on me. At first it started off soft and gentle then grew in power as soon as it progressed. This was dance pop and Jessie gave it her all to deliver something both startling and beautiful. “OK, I have to actually carry on cos I’m getting people shouting in my ears. And you guys have last trains to catch and shit” Cornish said before ending with the contagious Domino.


Do It Like A Dude
Who’s Laughing Now
Casualty Of Love
Never Too Much/ Abracadabra
Nobody’s Perfect
Who You Are
Mama Knows Best
Price Tag

OVERALL: I may of misjudged when to queue but I don’t regret it a single bit. I am extremely thankful for Mastercard for keeping their word and re scheduling this event because at times I did think it would be scrapped altogether as it had been months till something official was confirmed. Also I am truly grateful that my friend was one of the lucky ones to have the option to get 2 tickets.

This evening was superb and you will never ever get Jessie performing at a venue this size ever again. She is playing at the o2 Arena next year and the venues would only increase in size. Jessie J is one phenomenal singer who has some really contagious songs all which I completely adore. I liked the fact that this was a proper set and it was also the penultimate show of the Who You Are era.


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