Best Coast @ The Borderline 18th September 2012

This was the first time I had witnessed Californian Surf Pop band Best Coast. I have been a fan of the bands for a couple of years after falling in love with the mellowing album Crazy For You. I did have a ticket to see them play at Scala at the end of 2010 but due to the bad weather that hit the UK it made it impossible for me to attend. Once I saw Best Coast were to play at The Borderline I immediately booked. It came as no surprise that this special gig was a sell out. What I loved the most is that The Borderline is a small venue and just seeing a band that you adore play in this setting makes it more intimate.

The band took to the stage around 9.30. Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno plus there was someone on drums and another guitarist. “Hi, We’re Best Coast” Bethany said the moment she took to the small stage. What opened up this storming hour set was When The Sun Don’t Shine which featured on the début album Crazy For You. This dreamy song was delivered perfectly. They breezed through this wonderful song and the addition of drums and bass guitar gave it that extra something. “Do you like my cup holder?” Consentino then said before revealing that her mum got it for her. It was then onto Crazy For You which again was a dreamy song which was also at the same time very light. The band blitzed through this short song What followed after was Goodbye which was delivered powerfully. “How is everybody? Good. So we decided that we were going to do a tour and play really small venues to just a smaller groups of fans which is really cool for us cos we haven’t played a venue this small in London since, like 3 years ago. So thank you guys for coming and for selling the show out really quickly” Bethany said before getting stuck into something from sophomore album The Only Place and this song being Last Year. This was a swooning song which sounds completely different in style compared to what featured on album Crazy For You. It was then back to the first album and what followed was Summer Mood. Now this song was packed with a punch as it was delivered at a mid pace. “We ate at Nandos today for the first time. A+. This song is about a state that doesn’t have any Nandos” Bethany said before The Only Place. The song was delivered at a furious pace and you could tell everything was being put into this tune. It was then backed with the light No One Like You which was delivered at a slow tempo. “How you guys doing? Are you hot?” Cosentino then said to the intimate audience before How They Want Me To Be. It was in fact rather hot inside the venue. Back to the song this had to be my favourite on the night. For starters it was extremely light plus it was very mellowing.

Alright we’re talking about our drink holders. This is the first show I’ve used it. So I’m really excited. I feel like this is a Comedy night too” Bethany then said before a trio of songs back to back. First up was Why I Cry which is the opening track to The Only Place. I really liked this fast paced song. Backing this song was yet another from the new album and this being Let’s Go Home. This number was delivered strongly and it went down well with the intimate audience. It was then back to material from the debut album and this being Our Deal. This was completely different in style compared to Let’s Go Home. “This is an old song called Something In The Way. This is not an old song, this is a new song. I can’t read. Whatever. This is actually our new single” Bethany then said before launching into Do You Love Me Like You Used To. This number showed plenty of promise and it sounded incredible live. Its lyrics were pure class. “OK, This song is called Something In The Way” Cosentino then mentioned to the audience before getting stuck into the track. Something In The Way was well crafted and I rather liked its lyrics. Up All Night was a gentle ballad which was faultlessly delivered. What then followed was I Want To. The evening then ended with two oldies which were in fact the first 2 singles. “We want to say thank you to Fear Of Men for playing with us, and thanks again for coming. We’re going to play you a couple more songs and then we’re going to PEACE out. YEAH leave, just kidding. Did you have a good time though? Just checking” Bethany said before getting stuck into When I’m With You. Things then came to a close with the chilled out Boyfriend. “Thanks London, we’re Best Coast. This is our last song. Hope to see you soon” Cosentino said to the intimate audience before signing off with the song.


When The Sun Don’t Shine
Crazy For You
Last Year
Summer Mood
The Only Place
No One Like You
How They Want Me To Be
Why I Cry
Let’s Go Home
Our Deal
Do You Love Me Like You Used To
Something In The Way
Up All Night
I Want To
When I’m With You

OVERALL: This evening at The Borderline was enjoyable. It was lovely to see Best Coast play in an intimate venue and it kind of made up for the Scala show which I had to miss. I had been a fan of the début album Crazy For You and I liked the mellowing songs which featured. I should of really listened to follow up The Only Place before the gig but I enjoyed every single new song which was performed.

At just only an hour this set was over in a flash. Would I see them perform live again? Based on how much I enjoyed myself, I would.

Also a mention must go to the stunning support act Fear Of Men who warmed up the audience with a fantastic short set.


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