Alpines @ McClusky’s 13th September 2012

Alpines are a band that I really rate. I have seen them on a number of occasions with the last being the AllSaints show the prior Thursday. Each time I have seen them play they have been as support which is a shame because they are a fantastic band whom keep on improving every time I witness them play. This Kingston based group consist of Catherine Pockson, Bob Matthews and the drummer who I only know as Henry. This appearance was the first New Slang at McClusky’s in Kingston. I have never attended anything like this before in Kingston and that is mainly down to the fact of the timings of each band. This then resulted in me leaving after Alpines because I knew the evening would of wrapped up around 11.30 and I also had a 45 minute bus ride home. The epic 6 song set started with Odysseia. I really enjoyed their own brand of Night Pop and each song sounded superb. The last two times I have seen them play this tune has been the opening track. Catherine’s vocals were both sweet and spine tingling. Plus this performance of this was rather powerful and the lyrics were superb.  “Hello Kingston. We are Alpines. That was Odysseia, this is Drive” Pockson then said to the audience. Drive features on the bands first EP which was called the Night Drive EP. Still I found this to be electro pop with well crafted lyrics which were packed with a punch. I especially liked its chorus which was delivered strongly.  “How you guys doing? We’re here to support AlunaGeorge. Feel free to come forward” Catherine then said before they got stuck into Cocoon. This tune had an infectious beat to it plus startling lyrics which captured Pockson’s vocals to perfection. My favourite part of this tune had to be the pacey chorus while its verses were completely spectacular.  It was then onto Saviour and this tune is the closest thing you will get to a ballad by this band. Saviour was really beautiful and it sent chills up my spine because it was delivered smoothly. The lyrics were extraordinary. “OK this is a new song. It’s from our latest EP Early Hours. It’s only the second time we’ve done it live, so hope you enjoy it” Catherine said before they tackled a brand new song and this being Chances which has grown on me the number of times I have heard it. This tune was both sleek and chilled out. I found Pockson’s vocal performance hypnotising. This track makes me look forward to the forthcoming anticipated EP which is schelduled for release next month. “This is another new one, this is Got Me Wrong. Welcome to McClusky’s, this is the first ever New Slang here for a while……sorry ever” Catherine said before they all ended with yet another cut from Early Hours. When I first heard Chances and Got Me Wrong for the first time it was this song which captivated me. But after hearing both songs a number of times I am in love with both. Got Me Wrong was an elegant, beautiful and up beat tune which offers plenty of promise.


Got Me Wrong

OVERALL: As I said in the opening of this review Alpines are a band that I really rate and I can see them doing extremely well when the debut album is finally released next year. It was a shame I couldn’t stick around for AlunaGeorge as they impressed me when they opened for Oh Land at Heaven.

To coincide with the release of the Early Hours EP Alpines are playing at The Lexington which is a headline show which I look forward to. That date sold out a month in advance. Just knowing this makes me excited because the band clearly has what it takes to perform in bigger venues (Bush Hall or 100 Club perhaps).

Once the album is released next year I can imagine a headline tour in support of that release. Keep an eye out for Alpines because they have the potential to be huge in the future. Also they feature on the Sub Focus song Tidal Wave.


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