Brock Zanrosso Releases EP Love Kills Tomorrow (18th September)

Brock Zanrosso’s electro-pop album “Love Kills” will hit the streets on September 18th, 2012, hot off the success of his radio-ready dance-pop single “Drowning.” This YTV’s ‘The Next Star’ alumni follows up his debut album “Prelude” and finds his place with an edgy and hard hitting, electro-pop meets dub-step inspired album that fits in perfectly with today’s market, with a sound that has been likened to artists like Justin Timberlake, The Wanted and Rihanna. Zanrosso is no stranger to the club scene, from his club tours throughout Canada to a stint on Stef Langs “Fighting Mirrors” tour, and most recently performing at Canada’s Wonderland; it’s easy to see where the relentlessly catchy, danceable pop inspiration for “Love Kills” came from. Produced by West Pryde and Tommy Armitano, Brock had a hand in the writing of every track, crafting an album with a winning formula that includes party ready anthems and simplistic yet sexy lyrics that explode into club banging beats. His first radio single, “Drowning,” has already seen a multitude of success and the release of his up-coming single “Take It Off” is sure to solidify the album a deserving place in the pop culture dance-phenomena taking over the airwaves.

The EP only consists of just 5 tracks and it is a release that I’m really digging at the moment. Love Kills begins with the slow and steady “I Found It” which serves as an effective intro to this electro infused mini album. The vocals were stunning and you can tell there is plenty of passion put into this short introduction. The next song to feature is lead single “Drowning”. This song was packed with a punch and in my opinion it has to be my favourite out of the 5 tracks which appear on this EP. “Drowning” is electro pop with a tiny bit of dub step (the dub step part could be a dance break down). I could picture this song being played in clubs as you can pick up on plenty of energy oozing from it. It is then onto the title track, “Love Kills” which is a hauntingly harmonic ballad that is both seductive and painfully tragic. It serves the title well, the listener able to feel how much the loss of love is killing his strength and faith as he croons, “Tryin’ to find, someone to replace you… I want you to be my girl, I want you inside my world, no one can replace you”. Brock’s vocal abilities on this sleek song were superb. “Every Night” is a powerful mid-tempo ballad that exposes a vulnerable side to Brock that’s not seen on the more up-tempo numbers. The lyrical content conveys romanticism. It may be a bit slushy but I love this song. You can easily tell that Brock is singing from the heart as he is singing about a girl he really likes. Also you pick up on that this was a failed relationship but Zanrosso still has strong feelings for the girl in question. The track which brings a close to this fantastic EP was “Take It Off”. This song is a slice of trance pop which sounds perfect. It is a track which can easily get people moving. Like “Drowning” I can easily see this being played in clubs.


I Found It
Love Kills
Every Night
Take It Off

OVERALL: All in all this is a phenomenal EP which I completely adore. Brock Zanrosso shows that you don’t always have to win a TV talent show to carve out a successful career in the music industry.

Each of the 5 tracks that feature are complete crackers and it makes me look forward to material in the future.

“Love Kills” is released tomorrow (18th September) and you can purchase via the iTunes store.


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