Alpines @ All Saints, Regent Street 6th September 2012

Once I saw that Alpines were set to play at the Regent Street All Saints store I knew I had to attend. This evening was in association with Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out. The duo consist of both Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews whom have been working with them for the past couple of months. The Kingston based Alpines have something incredibly special and have the potential to make it big. Genre wise they describe the music as Night Pop and each track that they have under their belts are right belters. The band were due to take to the small stage at 8.30pm and I arrived at 4. My arrival was slightly early, but when you hear that the event is expected to be busy you would want to get there early enough so you would know that you would see them play.

“Hi everyone, how you doing? Welcome to Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. We are Alpines. What I want to say firstly is that this is the first night that you can see the campaign film and if you can all have a look at it when you get the chance. That would be amazing” Pockson said to the audience. Just looking back the shop floor was packed. Things opened up with Odysseia. Other than Catherine and Bob they also had Henry who drums for the duo. Back to this song it was superbly delivered and Pockson’s vocals were startling. This epic track had an electro pop feel to it and also stunning lyrics. “I just want to say a big thank you to All Saints for lots of things really. Firstly they’ve used out song Got Me Wrong on the campaign, but that’s coming out very soon. That’s one amazing experience, so we’re very grateful” Catherine said before delving into something from the bands first EP and this being Drive. This steady paced upbeat number was packed with plenty of power and passion. Again it showcased Catherine Pockson’s spine tingling vocal range. “How you guys doing? You good? You having a good night?” Pockson mentioned to the audience before taking on Saviour. This song was outstanding and its lyrics were packed with a punch. Saviour was a sleek song and was delivered at a steady pace. “This is the first time we’re doing couple of songs from our latest EP called Early Hours” Catherine then said. Early Hours is the forthcoming EP which is set to be released the on the 8th October. Chances was a brand new Alpines song and this was the first time they had performed it live. This slowie was drenched with the electro vibe making it a chilled affair. Also Catherine Pockson’s vocals were extremely delectable. Chances is an incredible song and it sounded faultless live. This number is one that will grow on you the more times you hear it. Up next was Cocoon. This song had a beat to it and Catherine’s vocal performance was extraordinary. Cocoon had a pacey chorus and stunning verses which I adored. “This is our last song” Pockson said before ending on another premier and this being Got Me Wrong. This tune was very up tempo and had elegant infectious lyrics. It actually whets my appetite for the forthcoming EP Early Hours. Out of the 2 new songs which were performed live my favourite had to be Got Me Wrong.


Got Me Wrong

OVERALL: To sum it all up Alpines are a tremendous band whom have the potential to be massive. The material that was sung was sheer brilliance and it also makes me look forward to the forthcoming Early Hours EP and the début album which is scheduled to be release in 2013.

On 11th October they headline The Lexington which serves as the launch of this incredible 4 track EP. The fact that they have sold it out a month early is one massive achievement. When they do tour the forthcoming album I can see them playing either Bush Hall or The Tabernacle. Considering they sold out The Lexington in advance there is plenty of demand.


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