Pocket Satellite @ Suyra 26th August 2012

Playing at Surya this evening were 4 piece band Pocket Satellite. Surya was located near Kings Cross and it’s also the worlds first ecological venue. Towards the end of 2010 I fell in love with this group after falling in love with their EP Paper Aviator. That release was so addictive it made me search for more material by them. January last year I attended the Paper Aviator EP launch at The Bull & Gate (Danni Nicholls who opened up also supported at that gig) and since then I have attended most of the bands gigs in the capital.

The 4 piece Pocket Satellite consisted of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, Richard Falk and Tom Dixon. I was really looking forward to this performance but due to technical difficulties it resulted in me leaving before the end (with it being a Sunday trains/ tubes stop running earlier). I could of waited till the set finished but considering there was 2 songs left and an encore it made it all too risky. Aside from all of that the style of the music Pocket Satellite sing is cheery, uplifting, infectious folk music.

Coming on around 10.30pm Pocket Satellite opened up with the upbeat Windows. This number was slightly cheesy but it was clear to see that they were enjoying themselves/ having fun when singing this. This song was a duet between both Zosmer and Haag. “We’ve gone all retro and got some disposable cameras” Maya mentioned to the audience before handing them out so people could take pictures of one another which will then be developed and posted on the bands Facebook page. “So how has everybody’s day been? Mines been lovely. We have not practised this much banter. I don’t know if you can tell” Carl then went onto say. The band had unfortunately succumbed to technical difficulties. “OK lets play some music” Carl then went onto mention once it was resolved. By this time it was near enough 10.40pm and they were just about to play their 2nd song out of an 11 song set. I was considering just leaving at 11pm as my last overground train was at 11.16 but I decided against this and chose to take the tube back instead. Once everything was sorted it was onto my favourite Pocket Satellite song and this being Rocks In Shoes. I found this tune to be rather mellowing and entrancing as well. There was plenty of glockenspiel and this wonderful tune was sung by both Carl and Maya whose vocals gelled together perfectly. “So we’re going to play some new songs now” Haag said before introducing the next song as Diamonds & Hearts. “It’s about when we went on tour last year” Carl said before Maya mentioned about her hatred for card games. This new tune was amazing and its lyrics were straight to the point. Even without Maya mentioning about her hatred of card games before, you knew what it was about. Three Trees was next up and this was a promising soon which consisted of clear cut lyrics. This was a steady paced song which was very soothing. Three Trees sounded incredible live and it makes me look forward to a future release by them.  It was then to yet another new one. “It’s one of our more polished gigs” Haag then joked in regards to the technical difficulties they had been experiencing. The new tune was In A Moment and this was very lovely and Zosmer took the lead for this song. There is something about her vocal range which was ever so hypnotic. “So last year we became 4 and right now we’re going to become 5 again for a little bit” Carl said before introducing Ruth Dixon to the stage. “Maybe she will save this gig” quipped Maya. It was then onto Toy Train and the keyboard introduction Ruth played was both soothing and entrancing at the same time. After the introduction it was then onto Toy Train and it took 2 attempts to get right. This powerful song was complete perfection. Both Haag’s and Zosmer’s vocals complimented one another perfectly. “I expected us to mess up the one’s we didn’t know” Haag then said before Paper Aviator. This being the title track of the sophomore EP. Paper Aviator was a lovely tune which was rather gentle. It also continued with the bands fascination with space. It was then time for We Chased Soldiers. This song which featured on the Toy Train EP is the only song (from that EP) which appeared on the début album Disappearing Stars. We Chased Soldiers was yet another gentle song. The harmonising between both Carl and Maya was spot on. A take on the Admiral Fallow song Four Bulbs was next. Overall this cover was incredible and they made it there own with stunning vocals and excellent harmonising. “This song’s called Pixelated Views, it’s about Pacman. It’s not really about Pacman but we played this at a festival and told the story of what the songs about. It’s about a computer game character that’s stuck in this computer game” Zosmer then said to the audience before Pixelated Views or as Maya called it this evening Pacman. I adore this song as it was both electro and very retro at the same time. But time caught up with me and I had to make my exit which was a great shame as if it had been any day other than Sunday I would of stayed till the very end.


Rocks In Shoes
Diamonds & Hearts
Three Trees
In A Moment
Toy Train
Paper Aviator
We Chased Soldiers
Four Bulbs
Pixelated Views
This Town


Man On A Boat


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