Charli XCX @ Sebright Arms 22nd August 2012

Originally this gig was due to take place at XOYO on 1st August but that unfortunately got rescheduled and then moved to a date 21 days later. This decision was most likely made because XOYO was having a refurbishment and wont be finished until the middle of September. So this event then changed venues and this being the East End pub Sebright Arms which I had never attended before. The downstairs venue was incredibly small and the stage was very low down (lower than XOYO in fact). This gig turned out to be a sell out and I would say the capacity was around 150 making this something really intimate.

Doors opened around 8.10pm and then people then started to trickle into the venue. Charli was slated to be on at 9pm and what was on before was an hours DJ set which then continued after she had finished the set. I am not a fan of DJ slots but I enjoyed this one as what was played was pop songs (Spice Girls). Come to think about it maybe Charli had a say in what was played during that set. It was around 9.15pm, the lights then went down and Enya’s Sail Away was the song that they made their entrance to.

“London what’s up, my name’s Charli XCX” she then mentioned to the audience before the opening song Feel My Pain. Charli was wearing a long black skirt, sports bra and Spice Girls platform shoes. Feel My Pain was a wonderful tune which was very smooth. This was a passionate performance with extraordinary lyrics. “It’s good to be back in London, I haven’t been here for a while” Charli then said before Lock You Up. This number had steady paced verses and a chorus which was packed with enthusiasm. It sounded a bit slushy with lyrics being “I Want To Lock You Up Inside My Heart”. Still this new track was a complete cracker and was faultlessly delivered. “Lets get sh*t going now” she then mentioned before the turbo charged How Can I. This steady paced number was sublime and it was delivered to perfection. The lyrics for this were really memorable. There was even a little rap nearing the end.  Immediately after it was Stay Away. This song was slow in pace and had some short raps. I found it to be rather sleek and it showed off Charli’s flawless vocal range. “Now I’m gonna do a cover of an Echo and the Bunnymen track” Now I have never heard the original of Killing Moon but Charli’s version was phenomenal. It was powerfully delivered and Charli was full of adrenaline as she was jumping up and down during it. “Alright London, lets get it going a little bit now. So of you came with a boyfriend or if you came with a girlfriend or if you came with your mum. My mum came. You got to bump and grind. Mum and dad don’t do it as it will be embarrassing” Charli said before End Of The World. This was an Alex Metric track which Charli featured on. Still it was sung perfection and this tune actually had a dub step vibe to it. I would love to see this song feature on the forthcoming album but I have a gut feeling it wont. “I can smell burning. It’s so f**king hot that’s why” she then said before You. The burning was mainly down to the lights. You was an upbeat track with lyrics that were delivered strongly. It also had an electro vibe to it. “Not many left now. OK this next song is called Nuclear Seasons. Everybody move” Charli then said. Bundles of energy flowed from Nuclear Seasons and there was also plenty of people moving about to it. Charli was basically was running on adrenaline throughout this infectious number. Nuclear Seasons was a huge pop tune which was belted out. It was then onto something new before and this being Grins. This performance was brilliant and again it was rather energetic. It was plain to see that she put everything into it. Grins was a brilliant tune that has to feature on the album that will be released next year. It felt as this tune was power pop/ rap which worked wonders. “I’m Charli XCX and this is my last song. I’m going to dance like you’ve never seen anyone dance before” she then said before signing off with the forthcoming single You’re The One. I found this to be upbeat, infectious and very slushy at the same time. I was completely captivated with this sublime tune. It was no surprise that this amazing track got people moving and singing along.


Feel My Pain
Lock You Up
How Can I
Stay Away
Killing Moon
End Of The World
Nuclear Seasons
You’re The One

OVERALL: Charli XCX has massive potential to be huge in the nearby future. The fact that she replaced Frank Ocean on the recent European leg of the Coldplay would of worked wonders. Plus she is also doing well Stateside as well. What was performed today was a delicious 10 songs which satisfied me completely. All of them could easily feature on the début album in some way. This was the 4th time I had witnessed her perform live and it wont be the last. Charli was on for just 45 minutes and she literally blitzed through this set. Once she left the stage after You’re The One it was pretty obvious that there was no encore because the DJ started to play records. On the night my favourite tracks had to be Lock You Up, Grins and the infectious You’re The One. Charli was extremely energetic and completely owned the stage. It felt as this was a work out and I even had visions of Sporty Spice. Plus the fact the room was intimate and sold out this made everything tight and sweaty.


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