Spector @ Rough Trade East 15th August 2012

After having witnessed Spector play at The Fighting Cocks earlier on it was then a trip to Rough Trade East. This was the final stop of the instore promotion. Straight after when they had finished in Kingston I left not before telling Fred how fantastic they were. I then got the train to Waterloo then from there I went straight to Aldgate East. I wasn’t planning on purchasing another copy of the album considering I had a vinyl copy due to be with me at any moment. Eventually I caved in and purchased the album just to get the wristband. It is a bit like devils advocate because you don’t want to risk it then at 6pm they have no wristbands whatsoever.

The evening started around 7.10pm. “Before we start, I just want to say I’ve been to a few instores concerts over the years. I’m sure many of you have as well. There’s generally this kind of awkward vibe like Yeah we’re in a shop, there’s the band, we’re not necessarily drinking alcoholic beverages and we might not necessarily feel like we can let loose as much as we’d like like to within the confines of a real gig. So if you’re feeling awkward, don’t feel awkward. You’re not feeling more awkward than we are. We’re here on the 15th August, the year of our launch 2012 to celebrate the release of an album that critics are calling 7/10. We are Spector. This is Enjoy It While It Lasts” Fred said before opening with Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End. This was an energetic tune which Macpherson delivered to perfection. Friday Night was utterly contagious and the verses were amazing plus there was a chorus which was literally belted out. What I liked was the fact the lyrics paint the picture of what is happening. It was then off to another song off of their record and this being Twenty Nothing. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had a powerful chorus. Everyone shouted out Twenty Nothing during that chorus. I really liked the middle 8 when the melody of the song changed. This part being when Macpherson counted from 1 to 4.

One, you started coming over
Two, you started sleeping over
Three, you started taking over
Four, you told me it was over

“This is Rough Trade East. This is East London. So you’re all pretty cool. But you bought the Spector album so you’re not that cool. We’re the sort of band that make jokes about not being cool. So maybe that makes us cool” Fred said before the next number of the night and this was Celestine. This song had smooth verses and a chorus which was packed with a punch. Celestine was an infectious number and was delivered at a furious pace. “You guys have been amazing fans. Some of the best we’ve ever had. We’re going to show you a massive mark of our appreciation by playing you a song from our record that you’ve probably never heard live. We’ve kind of f’d it up. I was going to say a swear word but I saw some young people in the audience. I want to apologise to Tom whose here who produced it in advance because we’ve butchered your work” Macpherson mentioned before True Love (For Now). “Who started this clapping. It wasn’t you was it. It’s thoroughly annoying, I’m joking. But please don’t clap” Fred mentioned. The clapping then died down. I found the first half to be rather gentle then the rest of the band came in to give it that extra edge and making it rather pacey. I really liked this song and Fred delivered a faultless performance of it. “I want to thank Rough Trade for having us. Big up Rough Trade. Big up HMV. I’m joking. But HMV’s quite good as well” Macpherson said joking to the audience. It was then onto the show piece song Spector have and this being Chevy Thunder. Everyone literally went crazy to this high octane song which had stunning verses and a powerful singable chorus. Even though everyone went wild for Chevy Thunder I would have to say the atmosphere was more electric at The Fighting Cocks earlier on in the day. “If you like what you heard today and want to hear more music and less chat you’ve got our album to buy. If you like what you heard today but want to hear more chat and less music we’re going on tour throughout October and November. So look out for that as well. Shepherd’s Bush Empire baby. This is a song called Never Fade Away. It’s incredibly good, I know because I wrote it” Fred said before signing off what had been a phenomenal instore. You could see Never Fade Away as an indie ballad. The lyrics were rather hypnotic and the melody was extremely gentle.


Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End
Twenty Nothing
True Love (For Now)
Chevy Thunder
Never Fade Away

OVERALL: Spector have something that I rather like. The Indie Rock tunes that they have under their belt are incredible making album Enjoy It While It Last one amazing album. Once they finished Never Fade Away they then left and went to the front of the shop. What they held was a signing. It was not that long compared to the massive line for Lianne La Havas last month. I then got my CD sleeve signed and I had a brief chat with Fred. I definitely will attend the Spectour date at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.


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