The Overtones @ Hyde Park 9th August 2012

This was my to be last BT London Live gig which I attended. Over the past week I have witnessed some incredible artist/ bands such as Lemar, Amy Macdonald, Dodgy, Alexandra Burke and many more. On this day the band whom I wanted to see were The Noisettes. Even though I had seen them play a matter of days prior I thought I would attend because A) it was free and B) the band playing after them were The Overtones.

The set was shorter compared to what I witnessed the Sunday before but I was left satisfied with what had been performed. The monitor split in 2 revealing Shingai who was wearing a white/ gold dress which had what looked like a fan attached to the front. She was also sporting a pair of shades. “Let’s party Hyde Park” Shoniwa said the moment she picked up the electric guitar. What was different between this set and the one I saw on the BT Vision Stage earlier on in the week was the fact this was a proper show stage design wise. Wild Young Hearts was a mixture, at first it began smooth and gentle but the moment she picked up the electric guitar it was both powerful and pacey. This was one beautiful song with tremendous lyrics. “How you doing London? I live round the corner from here” Shingai said before going straight into the current single That Girl. The guitar was ditched for this mesmerising song. That Girl was infectious and the chorus will immediately get you hooked. Shoniwa made full use of the catwalk throughout this number. It was then party time and this coming in the form of Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go). This song oozed energy vibes and it was delivered strongly. Everyone joined in but chanting out go baby go baby go. Shingai’s vocals were perfect and the lyrics were quite something. This song was very up beat and had an incredibly catchy hook which will easily get you moving. Infused to Don’t Upset The Rhythm was the massive house track from 2010 I Heard You Say (Hey Hey), which was a huge hit for Shingai with Dennis Ferrer. While this was an infectious steady paced song it didn’t strike a chord with me. “We’re blessed by the weather. Thank you so much guys for all the support. London should definitely be proud. We’ve made it a city for people to love singing. So lets sing” Shoniwa said before the beautiful Ragtop Car. This was penultimate song of the set. The number sounded slightly folk with slight dashes of soul. I must say this song was contagious. This was a warm number which was delivered faultlessly. “It’s been the most exhilarating 20 minutes. Why has it to be over now? The party will go on when we’ve left the stage” Shingai said before signing off with Never Forget You. This song went out to summer 2012. This number was beautiful and entrancing as well. The verses and chorus were infectious. Never Forget You was the perfect song to end on. Nearing the end of the song Shoniwa came off the stage to finish this wonderful tune.


Wild Young Hearts
That Girl
Don’t Upset The Rhythm
I Heard You Say (Hey Hey)
Ragtop Car
Never Forget You

The Overtones are a five-piece British-Irish-Australian doo-wop boy band from London who formed in 2010. This group compise of Timothy “Timmy” Matley, Mark Robert Franks, Lachlan “Lachie” Chapman, Michael “Mike” Crawshaw and Darren “Daz” Everest. The monitors split in 2 around 6.10pm revealing this extraordinary band.

Originally a song by The Chord things opened with Sh- Boom which is the opening track on album Good Ol’ Fashioned Love. Now the vocals were extremely tight and they all gel together to create something rather impeccable. Like all of the tunes sang during the set there was a doo wop vibe to each of them. “Good evening London. How you doing guys we’re The Overtones. Are you ready for a bit of a dance?” Lachie said before the next song and this being Gambling Man. This tune was incredible and addictive at the same time. It was the 1st single taken from the début album and I must say the vocals were outstanding. Second Last Chance was next on the set list. This being the 3rd single taken from Good Ol’ Fashioned Love. I must say this song was very entrancing with lyrics that gelled to its melody perfectly. Timmy mainly sang this song with the rest of this group adding the harmonies. Following on was Have I Told You Lately which was originally a single for Van Morrison. This version had The Overtones twist. Have I Told You Lately was a beautiful song with brilliant harmonising. Lachie took the lead for this song and put every ounce of energy into it. Towards the end it was sung at a frantic pace. It was then onto Beggin’ which was originally released by The Four Seasons back in 1967. This was an incredible take on this tune and it got the crowd moving. Say What I Feel got the cheers and this being the recent single by the band. The song itself was incredible and the vocals were faultless. The harmonies were quite something and also the melody reminded me of the Ben E King song Stand By Me. “Now the next one is a little family favourite. We’re going to sing a nice clean version of it” Lachie said and everybody then groaned. “Come on. It’s Hyde Park, It’s BT London Live and there are families here” was his reply. It was then onto the Cee Lo Green song Forget You and this was basically incredible. The doo wop vibes were prominent throughout their take on this song. It went down well with the crowd because everyone sang along. Lachie took the lead and the rest of the band harmonised to perfection. The moment they took to the cat walk did result in screams. The Overtones then signed off with Why Do Fools Fall In Love which went down well with the crowd.


Sh- Boom
Gambling Man
Second Last Chance
Have I Told You Lately
Say What I Feel
Forget You
Why Do Fools Fall In Love

OVERALL: My time at BT London Live came to an end but I leave with plenty of positive memories from a weeks worth of free music.

Both The Noisettes and The Overtones were stunning. I had witnessed The Noisettes earlier on in the week and I’m glad I did because that set was slightly longer. Still what was performed on this day was outstanding. Other than new single That Girl I simply adored Ragtop Car. Its melody was so soothing and the lyrics were catchy.

I knew of The Overtones but I never would of considered seeing them play. This is where BT London Live stepped in. After The Noisettes I decided to stay and see them perform their set. I had witnessed this band on YouTube and TV programmes but the doo wop genre isn’t really me. Yes Bruno Mars does the same thing but the set by The Overtones had a 1950’s vibe to it. The set was exactly 30 minutes long and I was blown away by how amazing they actually were. Vocal Harmonies were spot on and the choreography was rather stunning.

Would I see The Overtones again. Based on my experience this evening I certainly would.


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  1. Kay Tallcat says:

    Lovely review, and marvellous you have discovered the full fabulousness of The Overtones! Do come and look at their 100% unofficial fansite…

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