Stealing Sheep @ Rough Trade East 8th August 2012

Becky Hawley, Lucy Mercer and Emily Lansley make up the Liverpudlian trio Stealing Sheep. The style of the music that they sing is folk and this appearance at Rough Trade East was to promote the début album Into The Diamond Sun. This was the 1st full length released on Heavenly Records the taster EP Noah & The Paper Sun was released on the label at the end of last year. I chose to attend because this this all female group have been hotly tipped and Rough Trade also had advance copies of this incredible album to sell.

They took to the stage around 7.10pm and opened with The Garden. At first all the girls take to singing this tune then Emily then took the reins. I must say the harmonising from Becky and Lucy was flawless. The Garden was a sweet song which was delivered at a steady pace. Continuing on with the steady pace it was then straight onto Shut Eye. This song received a limited vinyl release earlier this year. Shut Eye was a sublime song and the lyrics were superb. This tune was very folk. The haunting and buoyant Rearrange was next and it builds to a wondrous climax which has them asking “can it not just wait ’til morning light / so we can see it clearly?”. It was then onto the short White Lies which was delivered phenomenally. “Think marching band” Mercer said before getting stuck into the song. I rather liked the lyrics to this steady paced song. Lucy took to the reins for this tune with Emily playing guitar and Becky who was on keys. “This next song is called Genevieve and we just released it as a single. It’s been pressed as 7” vinyl but it’s not here yet. Maybe tomorrow” Becky said before they went straight into the song. The vocals for Genevieve were rather breezy and this song being extremely light as well. “We drove from Liverpool today and the journey was OK” Lucy then said before Becky replied by saying “It was actually really good. There was no cars on the road”. “We were talking about the Egyptians and the pyramids” Mercer then said. “We’ve been talking about people and tribes with big heads that existed thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago perhaps. And the government are keeping their skulls a secret” Hawley said amusing the audience. Joel who played the drums was then introduced then the band launched into Gold. This was a promising song Emily’s vocals were faultless while the harmonising was complete perfection. This tune was rather laid back and it was delivered at a steady pace. Shark Song was straight after. I simply adored this song as its lyrics were extremely humorous. The band sing about sharks how they are big and scary making them feel wary. Shark Song is quite possibly my favourite tune by them. Just hearing it performed live was quite something. After plenty of applause it was onto Tangled Up In The Stars. All 3 girls took the lead for this smooth song which had infectious memorable lyrics. The penultimate song of this set being the closing track of Into The Diamond Sun and this being Bear Tracks. Prior to the actual song both Becky and Emily revealed it is them on the front cover resulting in Lucy saying she’s not on it. Bear Tracks was an outstanding and entrancing song. As the song progressed the pace picked up gradually. The then ended with something taken from the Noah & The Paper Moon EP and this being the incredibly short I Am The Rain. This number sounded incredible live and it was literally blitzed through.


The Garden
Shut Eye
White Lies
Shark Song
Tangled Up In The Stars
Bear Tracks
I Am The Rain

OVERALL: Stealing Sheep are an incredible band with the potential to make waves in the music industry. Début album Into The Diamond Sun is a masterpiece and if you like folk music then this band is for you. Once the set was over I had the chance of meeting them all to get my vinyl signed. They are lovely people and they signed and chatted to fans which was rather nice. When they all signed my vinyl and the set list I then said my goodbyes then left on a high.


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