Shuga @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 9th August 2012

This evening at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen was the Whales In Cubicles single launch. Unfortunately I did not stay until the very end and left after the 1st act. The venue is notorious for opening doors late. You could expect doors to open 30 – 60 minutes later but this evening doors were only a couple of minutes late which was quite something. The act I wanted to see were Shuga who consisted of Emma Chitty, Luis Felber and drummer Ben Bones. I only left after they had performed an outstanding set because I had already been out all day and wanted to get home.

Aside from all that Shuga are a band I really rate. The genre of their music is a combination of pop and rock which works. I actually came across them after they played as support for The Receeders at Barfly October last year. For those that don’t know The Receeders is Kate Nash’s side project. That very moment Shuga captivated me and it left me wanting to keep tabs on their career. Back then it was quite difficult because Shuga was quite common when searching on Google plus they had no releases to their name. As time went on they released debut single Hey Baby/ Shuga plus I witnessed them perform live a further 3 times. May saw the release of the limited The Darkness EP which compromised of 3 fantastic songs. Back to the present day this performance was to be the last Shuga gig (apart from the Power Lunches show the day after) because they were going to concentrate on brand new tunes.

The set started with Tommy Don’t Worry and this being a brand new cut which has not featured on any release. This track was mainly sung by Emma Chitty, It was slow in pace and was delivered strongly. I also liked the fact it was fully acoustic which made this performance rather laid back and hypnotic. “We’re Shuga” Chitty said before Luis Felber introduced Jon Jackson who played guitar. Felber was on an acoustic and Chitty was on an electric. Stay Wild was a steady paced song which was rather laid back. Emma took the lead and her vocals were powerfully soothing. It was then straight onto The Darkness. I simply adored this song which Emma mainly sang. It was played at a steady pace and the lyrics/ melody was rather entrancing. Plus you also had the thumping drum beat which gave it that extra edge. The song itself featured on the EP of the same name. Farm was next and it was a strange topic to write about. It’s about wanting to get away from everything and live on a farm. Actually this number is outstanding and it was delivered strongly at the same time. Farm was wonderful and I enjoyed the lyrics which were straight to the point. “This next one’s called Wet Dream” Chitty said before launching into yet another new song. Wet Dream was a superb song sung by Emma and delivered with plenty of gusto. This number was extremely powerful which was literally belted out. This is our last one” Chitty said before thanking everyone for watching. Felber was on the electric guitar while Emma literally sang her heart out on this song. I rather liked its lyrics which were delivered at a steady pace. Come On had rock vibes oozing from it.


Tommy Don’t Worry
Stay Wild
The Darkness
Wet Dream
Come On

OVERALL: Shuga are a band that can go far and they will always have my support. I was hooked the moment I saw them perform live last year. Also the new songs that were showcased get me excited about the next release. Back in June I met both Emma and Luis after Kate Nash’s headline show at The Haunt in Brighton and they’re both really nice people. Chitty may be the lead vocalist bit Felber is a formidable guitar player (he was also a guitarist for Jamie T).


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