Savages @ The Haunt 7th August 2012

Around 9.30pm 4 piece girl group Savages took to the stage. Compromising of Jehnny Beth (vocals), Ayse Hassan (bass), Fay Milton (drums) and Gemma Thompson (guitar). What was set to be showcased was material that will by all means feature on the debut album when it is released. So far they only have 1 single to their name this being a double A sided vinyl consisting of Flying To Berlin and Husbands. This proved to be so popular that it received a 2nd pressing. There has been plenty of hype about this band which then results in the can they live up to the hype saying. Even though I was fully aware of who Savages were this was the 1st time I had witnessed them live. I chose to attend this gig because Brighton was the nearest to me as a London date hadn’t been announced at that time. What was performed was a blitzing 10 song set and that was your lot. No encore whatsoever.

It is hard to say whether the material will feature on the debut album when that finally does get released. The reason for me saying that is 10 songs can near enough be one album and Savages wouldn’t want to showcase an entire chuck of it. They would save that until it is released and go on tour to promote it.

The style of this bands music was punk meets rock. Each song that was performed was belting and literally blew me away because you could sense the ferocity in each track. Savages had actually supported Blur at their 100 Club gig earlier on that week.

Finally Savages are a serious band they rather play music instead of bantering with the audience. They are a band to get excited about and you well and truly need to see them live when you have the chance. What was performed on the night was fresh apart from double A side single Flying To Berlin/ Hubands. Each track was completely astounding and ferocious at the same time. The audience was a mixed bag you had the 18-21 year olds then you had fans over 40.

After cruising through a 45 minute set the band then exit the stage after having sung Husbands to perfection. Everyone then left impressed after witnessing a band that can easily break through. I actually think they could be nominated for the BBC Sound Poll of 2013.


City’s Full
I Am Here
No Face
Another War
Waiting For A Sign
Flying To Berlin
Shut Up
She Will


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