Lemar @ Hyde Park 6th August 2012

Lemar Obika or Lemar as he is professionally known as is a R&B soul singer who rose to fame on BBC1’s original talent show Fame Academy. Although Lemar lost out to runner up Sinéad Quinn and eventual winner David Sneddon he is the contestant who has had the most success. Even though Obika has not hit the charts he has released such as If There’s A Justice, 50/50, It’s Not That Easy, Another Day and many more. This was the 2nd time I had witnessed him live (the 1st was as a surprise guest at the Little Noise Sessions in 2007).

The monitor split in two and the band started to play. Opening the set was début single Dance (With U). Once fully opened they revealed a different Obika. Last time I saw him his hair was braided now you could say he had a afro. This was a sleek song with perfect harmonies from the backing singers. I rather liked the lyrics plus its middle 8. Lemar still has it considering he has been quiet since he toured his last studio album The Reason in 2009.  “Hyde Park how you feeling? BT London Live how you feeling? It’s nice to be here” Obika said before getting stuck into the follow up single to Dance and this being 50/50. This song was up beat and had infectious lyrics at the same time. The highlight for me had to be its chorus your compelled to sing along to it. 50/50 was perfectly delivered and it was a pleasure just hearing it live. “I just want to say it’s an honour to be here this afternoon and it’s not raining” Lemar said before launching into another old tune from The Truth About Love album. The song in question being It’s Not That Easy. This was soulful and it was slightly emotional lyrics wise. It’s Not That Easy was a beautiful number and Obika put everything into it. It was like Lemar was singing from the heart. After it was onto If She Knew which featured on the 4th LP The Reason. If She Knew was a laid back number with some amazing vocals. It takes a while for the it to grab your attention. As soon as Lemar gets to the chorus gets you completely hooked. What I liked was the fact Obika put every ounce of energy into this stunning song. “Is there anyone that came with someone that they love? Is there anyone in here who came and just said look we should go and see BT Live, just go to Hyde Park on a friend thing. But really your kind of hoping, maybe after this. I’ll put my little finger across and see if I get a response” Lemar said before the lovely If There’s Any Justice. It has to be one of my favourite songs Obika has sung and this was a smooth soulful tune. If There’s Any Justice was crowd pleasing as everyone sang along to its chorus. The song lyrics referred to Lemar being in love with a girl, but she already has a man. He’s saying that if he’d got there first, he would be her man instead. He is making it clear,  that he feels that the world is unjustified because of this fact. “This next one needs a bit of energy. Clap, sing along” he then said before the 1st single which was taken from his greatest hits compilation The Hits and this song being The Way Love Goes. This tune was more pop than soul.  The Way Love Goes was a light infectious tune with some luscious lyrics. It actually reminded me of The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling. “I’ve got 1 more song for you and then we’re back to the sport and you can see them. More golds and stuff. So this last song that I’m going to do is my new single” Lemar said before capping off with the title track to the new album and this being Invincible. The song which is released in August is taken from the album of the same name which is released in September. Now I really liked this track. The verses were fast paced and plenty of energy flowed from it. As for the chorus everyone joined in with it.


Dance (With U)
It’s Not That Easy
If She Knew
If There’s Any Justice
That’s The Way Love Goes

OVERALL: Lemar is back. This was a outstanding 7 song set which showcased mainly old songs plus new one Invincible. Now this new song gets me excited about the forthcoming 5th LP. Obika is one talented individual who gives it his all when delivering each song live. Lemar is definitely one of those artists I would like to see again.


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