Erin K @ The World’s End 5th August 2012

This event was due to take place the week before but with Erin’s whole problem with her eye this gig was pushed back a week. Her performance took place at a pub I had never attended before and this being The World’s End in Finsbury Park. Erin’s performance was very special to me as this was the 600th gig I had attended since my very first in 2007 which was to see Kate Nash at the Concorde 2 in Brighton.

I mainly attended because it was billed as a solo show. Erin had mentioned via Facebook that she as nervous as it was just her. Basically Tash left the band which resulted in the name changing to Erin K. Even with the split Kleh still has the same band.

I Have A Knack started off this short 5 track set. This being a brand new song which I hadn’t heard before. Erin played the acoustic guitar throughout with Jose supporting her. I Have A Knack was a light folk song and was extremely smooth. Kleh’s vocals during this fast paced tune were stunning they were both gentle and soothing.

Next it was onto something different and it added a whole new dimension to Waltz For The Rat Babies. This tune told the true story of how Erin went to India and witnessed Crows murdering these rat babies. The backing track was the noise of the crows and it made the song have a darker edge. This was the first and probably only time Kleh would perform this song with this backing track. I must admit from the very 1st time I attended an Erin Kleh gig this has been my favourite song.

Coins with Crows in the back was next up. The Crows then faded away. The pacey Coins was a gentle mellowing tune which I found to be rather hypnotic. This was in fact the début single that was released by the band.

It was then onto a song which Erin hadn’t performed before and this being Happiness. Again this was a fast paced song and Jose was on egg shaker for this tune. Happiness was extremely beautiful. This gets me excited to hear more brand new material.

Jiggy Miggy ended this fantastic set. Erin’s friend Caitlin joined them both to sing the harmonies. Jiggy Miggy was a song about Kleh’s f**k buddy. This sexual/ graphic song was delivered powerfully however there was no bad language in it whatsoever.


I Have A Knack
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Jiggy Miggy


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