Tinchy Stryder @ Hyde Park 5th August 2012

This was the 3rd time I had attended BT London Live. I actually got to the park around 3pm which was not a wise move considering there were plenty of people wanting to get entrance to the festival site. It was touch and go whether I will gain entrance before 4pm but thankfully at 3.40pm I was in. The reason for my attendance was to see The Noisettes play on the BT Vision Stage. So once there I saw that people were already at barrier waiting for the live music to start. This resulted me in getting 2nd row as the people in front were there to see Tinchy Stryder.

At 3pm the act that I wanted to see took to the stage. The song which opened up this intimate set was the title track from the 2nd LP and this being Wild Young Hearts. Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa was wearing a gold dress and a broken heart on the back and a normal non broken heart on the front. I must admit Shoniwa is an amazing guitar player. At first Wild Young Hearts was rather gentle then Shingai picked up the guitar then the song changed and was faster in tempo. Wild Young Hearts was packed with plenty of power. “How you doing London town? This is awesome. The weather, the sunshine’s on our side. This one’s called That Girl and it’s our new single” Shoniwa then mentioned to the audience. It was then onto the 1st taster from new album Contact and this being That Girl. I really enjoyed this song which was very smooth and it had catchy lyrics. It was rather promising and it felt like a summery song. I look forward to hearing the mastered version when Contact is released on 27th August. “Who feels like getting down? The sun is on our side so lets boogie” she then said before delving into 2 songs gelled into one. The first being a slice of indie rock funk and this being Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go). This tune is probably the most recognisable along with Never Forget You. Shingai’s vocals were extremely sleek and the lyrics were quite something. This song was very up beat and had an incredibly catchy hook which will easily get you moving. Backing Don’t Upset The Rhythm was the massive house track from 2010 I Heard You Say (Hey Hey), which was a huge hit for Shingai with Dennis Ferrer. The backing band took instrumental solos over the infectious beat. “The stage is cooking my feet” Shoniwa then said before giving the audience another taster of what to expect from Contrast and this being Winner. This was an upbeat song which was delivered powerfully. It actually samples parts of Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks.  “Good vibes are coming from the stage. This is from our new album which comes out on the 27th. It’s called Ragtop Car. It’s about friendship and all that good stuff” Shingai then said before getting stuck into the penultimate song of the set. Ragtop Car sounded slightly folk. I must say this song was utterly contagious. This was a warm song which was delivered perfectly. I especially liked the smooth/ entrancing melody. “It’s been absolutely awesome. Thank you guys. I couldn’t of hoped for a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with all of you lot” Shoniwa said before signing off with the hypnotic Never Forget You. This was a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics.


Wild Young Hearts
That Girl
Don’t Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)
I Heard You Say (Hey Hey)
Ragtop Car
Never Forget You

At 4.10pm Tinchy Stryder took to the stage. He was 10 minutes late and this was most likely due to the fact he had just landed from Cyprus that very day. Things opened with You’re Not Alone which was originally a hit for Olive back in 1997. This was the 5th single that was taken from Catch 22. You’re Not Alone was extremely short and there is no denying that Tinchy is a phenomenal grime/ hip hop artist. When You’re Not Alone was over Stryder immediately got stuck into Game Over. This tune featured on album Third Strike and was a collaboration with Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example and Chipmunk. Now this song was really short and this being the fact Tinchy only sang his part of the song. Still it was perfectly delivered and the atmosphere during the set went up another notch. What followed was 4 songs all of which had been released as singles. Also they were Tinchy songs where he got another artist to collaborate with him. “Hello, hello. How we feeling today? BT Live I’m Tinchy Stryder and I want to do something real personal right now. My next song I’m going to do for you I did with a close friend of mine” he then mentioned to the audience. What kicked off this portion of the set was Pixie Lott collaboration Bright Lights which was the current single and it also features on album Full Tank. The backing track featured Pixie’s vocals. Atmosphere wise it was electric and this tune did go down well with the audience. It was then onto Number 1 which was a number 1. The actual version featured N Dubz. There was plenty of audience participation during this brilliant tune. This song is rather catchy and the vocals were tip top. “We came straight from Cyprus. Straight here to join you all. I hope your having fun because we’re loving it right now. I want to invite everyone on board onto the Spaceship” Stryder said before Spaceship. This song featured Dappy only Dappy wasn’t there. Still Tinchy’s rapping skills were amazing and there was a energetic vibe throughout this smooth song. Off The Record then ended what had been an amazing short set. This tune went down well with the audience.


You’re Not Alone
Game Over
Bright Lights
Number 1
Off The Record

OVERALL: This was the 1st and last time I would witness a band/ artist play on the BT Vision Stage. The set by The Noisettes was incredible and the new tunes were amazing. I especially liked That Girl and Ragtop Car. Plus Never Forget You saw Shingai get on top of a security man’s shoulders.

As for Tinchy Stryder there is no doubting that he is an incredible grime/ hip artist who has lots of good tunes underneath his belt. I rather enjoyed the set that was played but personally I think this may be the only time I see him perform. Tinchy is an extremely talented artist but I am more likely to listen to his music on CD etc rather than attending his next gig.


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