Loverproof @ The Nest 3rd August 2012

After having left Hyde Park it was then off to Dalston to see Loverproof play at The Nest. Ciara Haidar who is a classically train musician and one extremely talented songwriter was Loverproof. What was showcased captivated me and basically left me speechless due to the phenomenal vocal range. I 1st witnessed Haidar at The Camden Crawl and she was incredible. It is hard to believe that she remains unsigned because I for one would definitely buy any material that would be released by her.

This was the 1st time I had attended The Nest. The reason why I have never been there before is the fact shows always have late door opening times e.g 9pm. The set started around 9.50pm and it was just Ciara and her keyboard which had 10 small paper squares spelling out Loverproof on the front. Things opened with Dalston Salvage. Ciara sang this steady paced song at the top of her lungs and it was slightly spine tingling. This song had been superbly written, plus there was a tinge of emotion.  It was then straight onto Black and Blue which was delivered strongly. This song was slightly up tempo and had wonderful lyrics which gelled perfectly to its melody.  Learning About Us was rather upbeat and its verses were sublime. Ciara breezed through this song at ease and it is one that I adore. There was actually a calypso feel to this fantastic tune.  “And now for something a bit different” Haidar said before launching into a brand new song and this being 1991. This was a steady paced song which was delivered strongly. Her vocals are extraordinary. This number was a lot darker compared to the previous 3 tunes that had already been sung.  “This is going to be my last song” she then said before capping off this tremendous 5 song set with yet another new track and this being Easy Come, Easy Go. This number was outstanding and the vocals were belted out. It was a light song with excellent lyrics.


Dalston Salvage
Black and Blue
Learning About Us
Easy Come, Easy Go

OVERALL: There is something about Ciara Haidar that tells me she is a star that deserves to shine. I have only seen her the once and that was at The Wheelbarrow in May. Back then Ciara blew me away which then resulted in me finding her on the internet. From that very day I have been keeping tabs on her career as I reckon she has what it takes.

Everyone needs to listen to Loverproof. For starters Ciara is classically trained which makes her belting vocals spine tingling.


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