Amy Macdonald @ Hyde Park 3rd August 2012

Day 2 of BT London Live was to see the wonderful Scot Amy Macdonald play live. I had not seen Amy since the ICA gig February 2010. Unfortunately I didn’t attend the tour that later that year. You don’t really realise how much you miss one specific artist if you haven’t seen them play over a long period. I had just purchased a ticket to see her play at Royal Festival this November which I’m looking forward to especially with the fact I have Row B dead centre. I arrived at Hyde Park around 3 hours prior to her start time. Like the prior day it was extremely easy to get to the front which I had never expected. Fast forward to 5.20pm the massive screen split in 2 to reveal Macdonald and her band. The set opened up with This Is The Life song Mr Rock & Roll. This number was indie rock, very upbeat and slightly up tempo. This song was delivered to perfection and it easily got me moving. It actually featured on the BBC Olympics 2008 programming, where it was played as the show looked over the day’s events. “Hello. It’s absolutely wonderful to be here this evening. It’s very exciting and as you can see I’ve brought the good weather down from Scotland with me. So I’m going to play a song now which I actually wrote about singing the National Anthem before Scotland’s football matches but I think it also lends itself really well to the Olympics. It’s going to be my next single” Macdonald said before getting stuck into Pride. This song being the newest cut from the 3rd LP Life In A Beautiful Light. Now that album is so addictive and Pride was one of the many tracks that stand out. This song was very pacey and it had catchy lyrics. Amy breezed through this song at ease and it was faultlessly delivered. Hearing this song live made me feel happy inside. “So we’re going to play a song now which was the 1st single off of my new album” Macdonald said before Slow It Down. Now this was utterly contagious with fantastic verses and a killer fast paced chorus. It is a song that embeds itself into your head. “Unfortunately we only have 20 minutes. So we’ve got 2 songs left to play. The next one we’re going to play is the title track from my very 1st album. It’s a song that I wrote when I was hungover. So that’s why I’m not in Team GB competing in the Olympics” Amy said before launching into This Is The Life. It was a fast paced song with a chorus you just want to sing along to. Things then ended with the title track of the new LP and this being Life In A Beautiful Light. Now this was a wonderful song which sounded sublime. Amy even took to the catwalk when playing her acoustic guitar. Life In A Beautiful Light capped off what was a phenomenal short set. Amy Macdonald has something which makes you feel happy inside.


Mr Rock & Roll
Slow It Down
This Is The Life
Life In A Beautiful Light

The 2nd act was Dodgy. This group are an English power pop rock trio, that rose to prominence during the Britpop era of the 1990s. I have been a fan since Free Peace Sweet was release in 1996. It had been 11 years since they released 4th LP Real Estate but now they are back with Stand Upright In A Cool Place. Despite myself being a fan for 16 years this was the 1st time I had witnessed them play live. The set was a combination of material from Homegrown, Free Peace Sweet and Stand Upright In A Cool Place. It was around 6.30 when the massive monitor split to reveal Dodgy. Things kicked off with Homegrown track Staying Out For The Summer and this was a crowd pleasing number. Staying Out For The Summer oozed plenty of energy. “What a great day. This is dedicated to all the Olympians” Clark then said before the 1st track that was taken from the bands new album and this being What Became Of You . I found this to be a warm song which was rather gentle and mellowing. “This song is called In A Room” Nigel then said to the crowd. In A Room was delivered strongly and it was a power pop song. The lyrics were slightly pacey and there were some impressive guitar riffs. “This song is dedicated to all the Long Jumpers and Triple Jumpers. No it’s not. It’s dedicated to all of them” Clark then said before another new cut from the new album and this being We Try. This song sounded slightly folkish and the harmonising was quite stunning. I rather liked the clear cut lyrics. “We are Dodgy. Every sense of the word” drummer Matthew Priest said to all the new comers before Nigel went on to dedicate the next song So Let Me Go Far to all the Long Jumpers and Triple Jumpers. This was a chilled out song with superb lyrics which was back by a wonderful melody. “This song is a song off our new album. It’s hard making new albums these days” Nigel said to the crowd before Only A Heartbeat. This song was written by Clark in 2008, following the death of his older brother. This song had a mellowing vibe to it and I loved the beautiful lyrics. Straight after Nigel took to the keyboard for If You’re Thinking Of Me. This being the penultimate song. The song has to be the highlights from the album Free Peace Sweet. I found it to be rather epic and the lyrics were both beautiful and harrowing. “Doesn’t get any better than this Ladies and Gentlemen. Apart from Coldplay being on stage. Last time we played here these two got arrested. Check out YouTube it’s called the Elephant video. It was against the Criminal Justice Bill in 1992. We’re going to do a song called Waiting For The Sun but we’ve got to do this one because hopefully Team GB have been good enough for you” Clark said before closing with Good Enough. This was the song that got me into this excellent band. Now Good Enough had catchy lyrics. The verses were amazing, the infectious chorus produced warm summery. Nigel came down the catwalk with the tambourine but couldn’t reach its tip because the microphone lead wasn’t long enough.

After having witnessed something nostalgic I then made my way out of Hyde Park.


Staying Out For The Summer
What Became Of You
In A Room
We Try
So Let Me Go Far
Only A Heartbeat
If You’re Thinking Of Me
Good Enough

OVERALL: My thoughts of this free festival were positive. Unlike the prior day I wasn’t left disappointed. For starters I knew Amy was going to play a short set. Knowing this resulted me being fully satisfied with the 5 songs that she picked to sing. Amy Macdonald is a radiant Scottish singer who makes you feel happy inside. I was especially pleased she sang Slow It Down as I love that tune plus Pride was stunning as well. Her new album Life In A Beautiful Light is truly addictive.
As for Dodgy it was nice having the opportunity seeing them live. There are an amazing band who have been in the music industry for well over 16 years. The tunes that were sung were fantastic and the new ones were incredible.


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